Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come on Ladies

I have noticed that the older I get women will do ANYTHING to keep a man. Even if its making a complete fool of themselves...they do not care. Ladies we have to have much much more respect for ourselves and we must love ourselves as well.

here are some examples of recent foolish situations that I have heard this week:

1st scenario-Some women are really ok with settling..or they are ok with a man being disrespectful to them however if they come over, show them a little affection they are good to go? Ladies it is NOT ok, I cant stress this enough so I will just repeat it again, IT IS NOT OK to come second to another woman in Your "Alleged" boy toy life.If you are second/sidechick/piece of lay and u are ok with and wear that life style with confidence kool but DO NOT be upset when dude treat u for what and how he placed you in his life. Sorry to be harsh but grow up and develop a relationship with yourself first. Find your true happiness before u even think of offering yourself to a man. thanks

2nd Scenario-This girl that attended Hofstra University, here in Hempstead,NY (long island) claimed that she had been raped gang bang style by these four guys that attend the school. So sad right???....however she LIED!!! Turns out she lied to her boyfriend so that he would not think she was loose, a smut etc... UM what the hell? This four men were about to face 25 years in jail just because she didn't have respect for herself and wanted to keep a man? Now don't get me wrong the dudes were off the wall with running a train on her however because SHE allowed it and they are horny guys it is what it is. She didn't want to be known as the tramp at hofstra, shes a freshman many peeps think that freshman girls go crazy their first year any way so ur not that damn special ma. This is soooo sad on tooo many levels.

Bottom line Ladies please stop playing yourself. Respect yourself, you are beautiful and have alot going for yourself besides your body. Remember your body is your temple, be careful what you do to it. Ladies please lets get it together.


Brandiss said...

Amen girl! Many ladies think they NEED the "D" just to keep their sanity, but alot of them are doing it at any and all costs.

They need to wake up... especially the young lady in scenario #2.

I am not perfect, but as women we have to draw the line somewhere and learn to love ourselves FIRST.

E.M.H. said...

My first time reading your blog via conjured perceptions. AMEN to this post, we must love ourselves and be true to ourselves before we offer that to someone else. And I have no words for the woman in scenario #2, you do not play with people's lives like that. We all have choices and with each choice comes consequences...............