Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Bigger your enemie is the Harder they fall

That was basically the message I received in church today. I dont have enemies however I love everyone even if they have ways about them that are not cool. I guess my enemies would be someone trying to still my joy from me or trying to block me from obtaining my goals. Yes people may try to do this...but God always has something planned just for you. so people can try to set a block in my path but not a block on God's Blessings to me.....

Nothing else really new just taking it one day at a time.

I have a new found love Organix coconut milk conditioner.... Thanks Urban Curlz!!!!

Im really big on conditioner and I will say that this company is really on the money with their conditioners 5 stars!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

recap till now

My parents just celebrated their 37th anni on june 12th and daddy's 66th bday was the 13th . geesh this man had a weekend full of gifts.

Still no word on Jobs but I am still praying and believing....

The beau and friends are all great so that keeps a smile on my face....

I am very fascinated with Miss Jessies curly pudding. before I just had it but I finally decided to use my denman brush to rake the product thru on soaking wet hair and I must say its POPPIN!!! I love it now for my hair, I always like the scent but now since it gives m nice hold and moisture to my curls/coilz I am a happy camper!

There are alot of fashion items I am thinking about... will post some thoughts later

Blog next time.... thanks for stoppin thru peeps