Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You don't have to stay in the whole

Hey beauties!

Boy oh boy is it hella hot outside! Sheesh. This time of the year is really rough for me because of the temperature sensitivity but I'm still stepping it up :)

Anyways, I have a question.... Why do women remain in a whole instead of trying to get out? We all make mistakes some are easier to learn from and some are more difficult. However, no matter how difficult the circumstance is you dont have to remain low and never prosper.

I just feel that you can't claim to be strong and independent when you are in a co-dependent relationship. Your happiness should come from within and not soley from your mate, or friend. We are smart however we rather deal with mistreatment instead of using the wisdom we possess. Think about it..have you ever did this or know of someone who just put themself in a whole and couldnt get out?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


hello beauties!

Is there ever a point of your life when you just throw up your hands and say I'm done!? I just feel as of late I have been saying that to myself and actually doing it. However, I'm not done lol. My work, talents and new journey is just beginning. God is truly amazing, all praises to Him.

All is well with the FI and my loved ones. They are my earthly angels if there is a such thing :). I thank God every day for them being in my life. Through many ups and downs they are still there helping me all the way.

I think the love bug is definitely in the air because it seems like ever since me and my future hubs got engaged, many other couples I know are engaged as well, close to their wedding, purchased homes or are pregnant. I know it sounds hype but my heart melts when I hear about good news :)

Whats new with everyone else? thanks to those who follow my blog, I know I'm the worst this year with blogging but after school is done I will blog more randoms :) muahz!

be blessed beauties