Saturday, December 26, 2009

Give Love..

Hey beauties!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays :D...I did. I went out east with my honey and chilled with him and his family. I had a great time. Now I'm here watching the temptations movie (uncut is very long btw) :D. I think about their song "Give love on Christmas day" all the time which is by far my favorite Christmas Song :D. I have no idea where I would be in life without the love from my family and friends, therefore I am forever thankful and blessed. what about you? what is the best gift that u received this year. Beside nice gifts, and of my best friends had a son on the 19th thru blizzard 2009, He indeed is a bundle of JOY!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it cold enough???

Hey beauties!

Is it getting cold enough for you? shooot it freezing. I am summer baby to the fullest! the cold makes me want to sleep and snuggle up. LOL

speaking of snuggle up I have seen many status on facebook that says "wifey weather" lol. I know this may be true to some but I wonder if some guys really do train themselves to settle with a girl for boo loving action during the breezy seasons but once the spring and summer comes they flip the script? what is your take on this?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hey charlotte..hey reality

Hey beauties!!

So I went to visit my brother in Charlotte, NC. I had a great time. It was pretty low key but very fun. Charlotte is a small city however very beautiful. If I had to pick between Charlotte or Atlanta I would pic Atlanta as of right now. I didnt see much of Charlotte so its still on the shelf.

Besides that I haven't been feeling the best. I try my best to keep to myself however once I start to express my feelings I just pour my little heart out. I try not to question but I just want to know when will it ease up? when will this pain stop? I know God is watching over me and with God I can do all things...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I can see your halo

Looking into your eyes, I melt. They are so soft, so warm. All my worries simply fade away from your smile...As I listen to Bey's lyrics thats exactly how I feel. Your everything I need and more..So thankful that God has placed you in my life.

I see you as inspiration. You inspire me to look outside of the box. I have a vision of Love and you are clearly in my sight.

I love you more today than yesterday and only half as much as tomorrow...

I can see your Halo

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanks to the Lord for all the blessings that I have in my life. Thanks for my wonderful parents, My amazing boyfriend and of course my incredible friends!!! During the 24 years of my life I have been faced with different obstacles and I could not imagine life without them!

Happy day of giving thanks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parents are the first teachers

Hey Beauties!

I tend to think of things in a traditional point of view when it comes to lessons of life that people should know. One thing I believe very much is that parents are the first teachers for children. Some may disagree and believe that the government should take care of everything such as schools and other resource centers.

I mean think about it...if a 5 year old child is in class and cannot say their abc's or 123's who are you going to question the class room teacher or the parents? I say the parents because while the child learns to walk and talk I do believe abc's and 123's come into play. How dare we carry an attititude that all responsibility is on the class room teachers? Now I'm not saying that the classrooms are off the hook if a child does know basics however...EVERYONE needs to take action. Yes it does take a village, city or town to raise a child.

Parents please get it together. You cannot put the blame on class room teachers, the "system" or whatever excuse you are coming up with that can explain a child being left behind. Think about it..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because I said So!

I know I have heard that phrase growing up from my mother dearest :D...I was a well behaved child however I talked a lot and many times I was ask "why mommy? why?" and after while she would say "Because I said so". very stern at that. I knew then do not question my mother again after she said that. I remember once even asking why? or saying that's not fair and ooo child did I regret some may say whats the big deal or whats the point?

Too many kids are questioning parents, or more so an authority figure. Some adults will tell a child no and have to repeat themselves. Many children are RULING their parents..I ask the question why? Is it because parents are so occupied with their own "issues" that they give in? or do they think its cute? When I was a child I thought my mother dearest was strict and crazy LOL however she set an example for me. when I am blessed with a child I will teach them the rules of life : RESPECT GOD, YOUR PARENTS AND YOUR ELDERS.period.

The youngsters now are so caught up in being grown, and being spoiled brats and unfortunately some parents are feeding into it...Wake up Peeps..Remember "who is the parent and who is the child"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letting the Lord Fight your battles

Easier said than done. I know at least for me it is. Many times I find myself trying to fight battles that I know I have no control over. Do you ever feel that way? Like sometimes the battles are over powering? However I know that with prayer anything can change.

my wish list pt. 1

I want the barnes and noble's NOOK...I thimk the price is descent and its only $9.95 for ebooks which could be less or little more. I'm excited

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

whats your take on women being "the other woman"

Ok so there are some women out there who love being second just so that they can have a piece of fine, well off man. Now alot of times these women are drop dead gorgeous and can have any man they want, yet they settle for someone else's...smh. Whats your take on this? have u ever been the other woman or know someone who has?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a dollar a dream

Does anyone believe in this famous quote? If you have money you can do what ever you want..however what about some of us that are not RICH? What do we do? Should we just give up on our Dreams? Should we just kick rocks and say "maybe next life time?"....I am choosing not to do so. I have dreams of becoming a psychologist and I want to help families. I am not Rich...however I believe in a Mighty God..and I know that with prayer, patience and positivity my dreams will become a reality..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday

So today is Halloween...I don't really celebrate it. Don't get me wrong getting dressed up and partying is cool but there are some factors that makes me stray.
1) The church tries to keep us away from celebrating ghost, goblins etc... which is understandable.

2) One of my friends past away two years ago and this was the day she was buried. So I'm not in the mood to celebrate anything.
however I love seeing the different costumes..Did Anyone see Speidi and the Jon and Kate costume?? sooo hilarious!

Be safe People!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

CoWorker said its who you know, who you blow

hey darlins!

Ok so I know the title of this post is hype however it is something that is discussed when it comes in terms of job promotions.

Ok so one of my coworkers was complaining about the treatment of another employee that is not in our department. So she goes on a rant and says just like I say "its who you know, who you blow" mind u this a 61 year old woman smh lol.

Do we really believe this? I mean I cannot lie and say that there are not people who perform sexual favors to get to the top but come on what about facts like a promotion was given because he or she deserves, based on merit, sacrifices aka a job well done? Is this truly the world we live in now? what are your thoughts?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trust..forgive and live

hey darlins,

Trust, something that is not easily given or received and if broken it takes forever to achieve. A question to ask is how long does it take the heart to heal? You have some people that have the eye for an eye attititude and some that say they can trust you but still judge you based on your mishaps. As adults we must learn to forgive and live. Yes I know this is easier said then done but think while you are busy being stressed about how someone hurt you, that someone is living their life. I say forgive and live not forgive and forget because thats mostly where peeps mess up at. its the forgetting part that is hard for people. I dont think you should forget because obviously you should not allow it to happen again. however if you forgive and live, you are accepting that someone screwed up and you are going to slowly but surely forgive and continue to live. what do you think?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I heart ATL!!!!

hey beautiful peeps!!

I know I haven't post in a while and it's because I have been a way. My cousin Edgar got married and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. The wedding took place in Conyers, Georgia at a wonderful!

During my stay I was able to visit downtown Atlanta. I officially love this place. I know I was only there for a weekend but that was long enough to know when you feel like your heart belongs there.

On friday my honey and I met up with my girlie who just moved to stone mountain and her beau. We went to the velvet room and it was fun. Snoop dogg came thru, little did we know that the BET Awards were being filmed in ATL this past weekend. It was kool to see Snoop, however we were not hawking him like MANY peeps were. In NY celebs always say they are coming, if they do come its only for like 2 minutes lol.

any who the food was great! and of course I cannot forget the people and weather. As soon as I stepped into LaGuardia Airport on Monday I saw and felt the nasty ass attitudes from NY lol...The peeps in Atl are so sweet and kind. The weather was warm and comfy not gusty freezing winds like here lol lol.

And before I forget, The Aquarium was soooooo fun!!! :D

Cant wait until the next time I go....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

hey there, loves in the air and so are shoes ;D

Hey lovelies!!!

I have post in a while..however I am back :D
God is good and I am continuing to trust in HIM with my life :D

Me and honey's anni was very nice we just spent time together. There was a scholarship fundraiser in rememberance of our friend Tyrene who passed away almost two years ago in a car accident. It was a gospel concert and we had a good time... then we went to applebees and just relaxed...

I am going to Georgia for my cousin's wedding..I am so excited :D my mom, aunt, my honey and myself are going..its going to be even more fun because one of my diamonds just moved to stone mountain, ga. We will be in covington, ga however the wedding&ceremony is in conyers,ga..cant wait :D

So I was bad today..I purchased some I have alot of shoes? Yes did I need more? No but I did whip out the plastic...smh. I wanted them and there are a few more that I want but she shall see...Here they are
these look gray however they are comfy

these are gray and I loved the lace..they had black too but I have been longing for gray so I got them :D

Ok..check ya later :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009


So thankful God has allowed me and my honey to see another year of love, growth and friendship :D. We went to a local club in L.I. which we dont usually but we had great time. It was "hip hop" night and it was a mixed crowd and ladies were free b4 11:30 and he was only 10..thats great prices because the city is at least $20! and the drinks were open bar for ladies until 12 and only 7 bucks. and I'm extra excited because it they were not watered down. I definitely was feeling it after two drinks which I know I am a light weight because I do not drink often lol. Honey had to work today so we didnt stay long. Today we are going to a scholarship fundraiser for our friend Tyrene who passed away 2 years ago. and then after words we are going to times.

later beauties

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Love

Anyone who knows me that I am all about love. I love to love and to receive it...

Do you remember when you met your first love? how old were you and how did you know it was love?

Honey is not my first boyfriend however he is my FIRST love and I want him to be One and Only and Last..yes its that deep! lol I met him in high school (high school sweethearts) I knew I loved him when I was able to see both sides of the spectrum with him meaning his good and flaws which makes him perfect in my eyes even though he is not. I was able to open up the Real Me to him and he has a major impact in my life and definitely holds a place in my heart right underneath God and next to my family and diamonds (best friends).

Now that our anniversary is approaching tomorrow I just had to reminisce....sign *cheese*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come on Ladies

I have noticed that the older I get women will do ANYTHING to keep a man. Even if its making a complete fool of themselves...they do not care. Ladies we have to have much much more respect for ourselves and we must love ourselves as well.

here are some examples of recent foolish situations that I have heard this week:

1st scenario-Some women are really ok with settling..or they are ok with a man being disrespectful to them however if they come over, show them a little affection they are good to go? Ladies it is NOT ok, I cant stress this enough so I will just repeat it again, IT IS NOT OK to come second to another woman in Your "Alleged" boy toy life.If you are second/sidechick/piece of lay and u are ok with and wear that life style with confidence kool but DO NOT be upset when dude treat u for what and how he placed you in his life. Sorry to be harsh but grow up and develop a relationship with yourself first. Find your true happiness before u even think of offering yourself to a man. thanks

2nd Scenario-This girl that attended Hofstra University, here in Hempstead,NY (long island) claimed that she had been raped gang bang style by these four guys that attend the school. So sad right???....however she LIED!!! Turns out she lied to her boyfriend so that he would not think she was loose, a smut etc... UM what the hell? This four men were about to face 25 years in jail just because she didn't have respect for herself and wanted to keep a man? Now don't get me wrong the dudes were off the wall with running a train on her however because SHE allowed it and they are horny guys it is what it is. She didn't want to be known as the tramp at hofstra, shes a freshman many peeps think that freshman girls go crazy their first year any way so ur not that damn special ma. This is soooo sad on tooo many levels.

Bottom line Ladies please stop playing yourself. Respect yourself, you are beautiful and have alot going for yourself besides your body. Remember your body is your temple, be careful what you do to it. Ladies please lets get it together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Gun

So I finally went to target and purchased Top Gun! I am so late to seeing this movie and only viewed it twice. However this is offically one of my favorite movies. Take my breath away....Loves that song!
Its how I feel when I'm with my loved one, Its like I can't explain. He has that effect on me that makes me want to float...*sigh*

R.I.P Patrick Swazy :( He battled pancreatic cancer for 20 months

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Southern Bells are on point...I dont give a *bleep* I'm a New Yorker

LOL ok so apparently people have alot of thoughts of New Yorkers especially women from New York. New York women are thought to have major attitudes, think they are better than anyone else etc...

I am not like this at all. I can get along with mostly anybody, I don't have an attitude problem, and I do NOT walk around with a I'm from NY so I'm better than you stance either. However, I have met some women from NY who are beyond snobbish and down plays anything about a different state.

Possibly because my parents are not from NY so our family doesn't have to NY is the best motto..I live in Long Island so that could be the winner too, well actually not because they say Long Islanders are the worst too lol..
Well maybe because my mother and her sisters are southern bells :D

I want to know if there are any southern bells out there? what distinguishes a real southern bell from all other women? because I have heard many of the fellas say they want a southern bell or a woman from down south..any takes on this?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Feeling so drained!
today seemed like the longest day ever...

I'm so over some people's emotions. Its like I have alot of shit going on and I'm done with it all. But for the most part I'm great *cheese smile*.

I have no plans this weekend but I want to get into something!

whats every one's plans this weekend?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


hey babes!

I have been doing alot of thinking and I am considering to start waxing places other than my eyebrows. I want to try underarm and bikini....I do not think I am bold enough for a Brazilian(yikes!!). I have been blessed to have a few strands of hair on my legs and I refuse to shave/wax them because after I do it, I'm going to have to shave/wax there after....

So any input? Does anyone wax on a regular? if so where and whats the preparation for it?

Trying to be like the Jefferson's MOVING ON UP!



Let the good times roll

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend


This weekend has been very relaxed.. on Friday I went with honey to get a MAC book and he is so in love with it.. I want one now..haha hes says he's never going to be a pc guy again...

Saturday I took my honey's younger sisters "back to school" shopping :D which was a lot of fun! Later we had dinner together and then honey and I went to a bbq that his friend from Temple U was having. Very fun and funny. I had a lil sippy sip...I needed it new thing for me~ gummy life savers shots *smiles*

Sunday I went to church and enjoyed service as usual..then I spent some qt with one of my diamonds who is expected this December. I took her and her bf to baby's r us to finish their gift excited for them :D.
Later saw honey bun and watched this ridiculous show "tool academy" lol it was actually entertaining..but sad.

and today Labor day I was slugging it around the house. Me and mom dukes just took a stroll to a show store and clothing spot..*smile* moms hooked me up with a few things. A new pair of black dollhouse booties, and some fall sweaters..shes great!

Now I'm sitting here wondering what to do now? lol later beauties

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Housewives of Atlanta

So I didn't watch the first season of Housewives and I am tuned in now...I must say I love this show! lol So crazy and fabulous at the same time :D
So far I think all the ladies bring something good to the table. They all have pros and cons nonetheless very entertaining. Is anyone else watching the show?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gotta stop wearing my heart on my sleeve

No one cares about how much you care. no one gives a shit if you are nice and give before you give yourself. Its a dog eat dog world out there and some times its closer to home than you think.
The ones you hold dear can make you feel so uplifted one day and low as the bottom the next.....some how u make a way to rise up. some how you pull yourself out of the rut u were placed in. Gotta stop wearing my heart on my sleve and give my heart to the Lord. Only God I can rely on Only God can hear my concerns and only God can truly see my pain.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday's Bestdays

I had a great experience at church today. The message was "its not over until God says so". The lesson is so true. Many times I find myself thinking that I about to hit rock bottom or that everything is closing up on me..However God seems to always pull me through and make ways out of no ways.

Just something to think about as we go thru our obstacles..God is always watching and all of our problems are already resolved.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Yep back to the basics

so I color my hair back to its natural color which is 1B natural black :D! I know this is weird but I really like it this dark again.I missed it :D in photos my hair looks dark anyway but I cant wait to see the difference now. I hope everyone stays dry or try to.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I think I'm gonna

Stay with dark hair..I'm actually going to go back to my original hair color which is natural black. My hair was never jet black it was one color underneath so its like 1B... I'm looking forward to it because its what I know and I'm on a keep it simple quest. who knows I may change my mind again lol but I'm deciding go back to black :D

why don't you worry bout you...

So when I run into someone that I haven't seen a while this is typically how the convo goes:

Us: Heyyyy how are you
Us: Good.. good
Them: so whats new with you?
Me: Finished my master's program looking a for a career :D and yourself
Them: same here trying to get by, taking care of my kid(s)
Me: oh that's whats up :D *smiles*
Them: so are u still with that light skin guy?
Me: Stephen, yes we are *cheese*
Them: Damn its been like 10 years right??
Me: it will be 9 in September :D
Them: Damn that's a long ass time, yall ain't married yet? no kids?? girl I don't know how u do it
Me: *frowns/pissed* (later it turns into a smile) No not yet. We know what we want and when God says the time is right that's when it will be right. :D
them: o ok kool i guess. see ya around
Me: later

Wth??? I mean how on earth can u be judgemental to me and not have your ish together? females are so quick to have something to say. Meanwhile no one thinks maybe finances could be the issue. which it IS. IF we could afford to have a wedding..WE WOULD. If we could afford to live in a House..WE WOULD. If we could afford kids..WE WOULD BUT AFTER MARRIAGE. Got it?
Yes he is my high school sweetheart and I understand that its rare to see those relationships but with faith and consistency they do exist.
So for those undercover judgemental broads..why don't you worry about you???

Friday, August 21, 2009

3 years of Natural Power!! haha mi pelo :D

I was at work today and I glanced at the calendar and realized ooo shoot my 3 year of being au naturalll was the 15th...thinking back who knew? but I'm having fun and I would encourage many women to get rid of the chems and embrace ur natural beauty but its not for everyone and thats kool in the gang! ;D

I have learned that I can use some cones however my hair does like all natural/organic products.

I am slowly in rehab for product junky anonymous *cheese*

I am willing to try more hairstyles besides a bunny tail, twist out, and straight.

I actually want to color my hair a vibrant color. I have front streaks of auburn however my hair is soo dark its only seen in the light.. I'm thinking honey/brownish , RED hot or a mixture of the two so I guess that's cinnamon..any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The worst

I have come to realize that people really do not have any love or respect for themselves and they do not care about others. Its like this generation of so called "adults" and "go getters" are willing to screw anything or anybody to get to the top. Friendships and Relationships are constantly in shambles because no one wants to be considerate or treat others with respect.
I have heard too many stories today and I'm truly sad

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Care

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am product junky. However with paying back student loans and other bills. All the products just to try it is going to end, especially for my hair. I have it pretty set but we shall see.

I must admit that I am starting to explore skin care and make up. peeps has asked me what I use on my face and im like soap and water lol...I also have this aveeno cleanser and burt bee's cleansing cream. I love both! unfortunately I still feel that I neglect my skin at times. I'm 24 now and its going to change. :D woo hoo

Also, I am playing around with different colors of make up. For many years I had a color complex against myself becaust I felt I was too dark to wear certain colors but that ish is out the door. It started with clothes...I wear bright colors now and I get many compliments and I sit back and think " wth was I thinking?" ... I am very open with eye shadows and I am becoming more open with lip glosses too. fun times!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let the new "philly bird" fly..

Ok I know one of the top discussions in the news and/or in conversations is Mike Vick becoming a philadelphia eagle. Personally, I will say that dog fighting is not good and I believe he served his time for his wrong doings....however people need to really get a grip on him and his career. You have politicians stealing money and cheating constantly and some how we still find the "good" and them...why not give him another chance? Let me not forget that half the people who hate Vick so much are effin dear, bear, rabbit, bird hunters!!! Mofo's who kill animals as a hobby has the nerve to say this man doesnt deserve to play in the NFL? He's going to hell?? smh tsk tsk people..wake up! Vick did his time, now he is philly Eagle..let the bird fly.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While at the gym, honey and I went in the pool after our work out. I had alot of fun but I realized that I am extremely tired! I almost forgot how many of your muscles are working when you are swimming. I didnt have swimming goggles and my eyes are too sensitive to open while under water so I jut moved around the best that I could.

I am trying to make my body for toned. With doing this I need to lose some of my belly too lol. I mean its not crazy but if it were a lil more tone I would be happy :D.

Still planing and planing for my future goals. I am making major cutbacks. Things that I would splurge and "treat" myself to is no longer going to take place until I am in a situation to do so.

hmmm mi pelo is good.I finally have a routine that I believe I will be sticking with. :D We shall see :D (aubrey organics island naturals and honeysuckle rose co;shea moisture leave in and eco styler and seal with carols daugther tui oild)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Slugging it

This week has been a sluggish week for me. I do not like pain however..its apart of being a woman.

I really wonder how men would be if they got monthly visits from mother nature?

Just the thought of it is comical...humph that just put a smile on my face!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

O August

So August is here and I want to wish any body celebrating their bday's this month and also a special shout out to the rest of my fellow Leo's out there! lol

Today was really really hot. I the air quality was blah!!! but I'm very happy for the sunshine and warm weather.

Yes even when I think that I am being ignored or pushed off, God always reminds me that Grace and Mercy is 5 steps behind me. So happy, so blessed. smooches

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Even during the storm I smile

The title says whats exactly running thru my thoughts. We all go thru alot negative things in our life but I keep in mind that God has taken care of all of our worries. Even when it rains keep in mind that the rainbows comes out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

practicing to cook

Ok so I said that I was making changes this year and this part of my life is one of them. Now I can cook I just dont because everytime I want to my mother ended up taking over or when my brother was living here, he cooked all the time. Now as I get older I am practicing more and I plan for my cooking skills to be perfected by the time I am living on my own.

So I cooked steak, organic linguine pasta with shrimp and scallops and veggies. I had a really good success! so happy :D I will post when I try something different.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Losing my voice was worth it

So for my bday honey took me to six flags great adventure safari and theme park. Its been about 4-5 years since I have been there. I had a great time. This was my first time going thru the wild safari and I love animals. I'm not the biggest fan of the zoo because I feel the animals are caged up however the safari the animals able to wonder in a more "OPEN"

I was recently getting over a cold and of course it drizzled the whole time at the park which it wasnt suppose to so I ended up purchasing a rain poncho and went bout my business like everyone else. From a mixture of screaming on the roller coasters and my throat going thru some b.s. my voice went beyond horse (sp?). but it was worth it because I had some quality time with my honey and I was able to visit six flags and the safari..

Until next time

oh my hair flat ironed it was kool but of course that didnt last at the park :( ...oh well I was the bday girl and I still had fun especially after I got over my hair lol

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's MY....

24th Birthday!!!!!

God is good and I am blessed to see this day. I am expecting to change alot of things this year. I'm so happy and feel so special :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dont talk about it.Be About it

We have all heard this expression before..but have we all done it? Believe it or not sometimes this can be easier said than done. As my birthday approaches I just realize that alot of things done in my younger years will not fly for years to come (God Willing).

By 25 I want to have alot to show for myself. I want to be able to look back and laugh about stressing over stuff that at the time I have no control over. God is good and will Provide please believe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Always Say I love You

I know many watched the Memorial Service for MJ today...I too was able to watch the re-run...I cried. I am the type of person who does tell the ones I love and hold dear to my heart how much I love them because I feel you can never say those few words enough.

So many argue and fuss over simple things. So many relationships, family ties are broken because of confusion and pain..some times you have to ask yourself is it worth it? OK we always need time to relax and communicate like "adults" but don't let the problems gotta pray harder!

I love my family, boyfriend and best friends and they know this and I hope they always remember that.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

People who do not realize they have something good

It puzzles me sometimes when I hear women (particularly) sound like a broken record in regards to finding a "good" man.

I mean I know a situation where a young lady and her children are being taken care of by her husband who is the father of the children. I dont know about anyone else but this is becoming rare in our generation.

I do not believe that a man who takes responsibility for his wife and kids should get pat on the back because in my opinion its a given. However, the wife and children need to appreciate daddy for taking care of home!

Some people do not realize how good they have it until one day it is truly gone. I'm happy and my honey bun knows he is appreciated and down the road when we do get married w/ kids daddy wont only get the "big piece of chicken" but he will know that he is loved and wanted.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!

I hope everyone enjoy the holiday and please please be safe!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black Folks why??

So today me and My homie RM was strolling at a local shopping mall. We went into a store to look around and all of a sudden this Black girl was cursing out the cashier!!!

F this and F thank, B this and B that.... and there were a group of white girls behind her who appeared to be her friends. Absolutely not! These young girls were cracking up at how CRAZY this black girl acting. I mean I felt so bad for the cashier...not because she got cussed out but more so that she couldn't whoop that A$$ because she was there working!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael J. Jackson

Wow I dont even know what to say...

Even though at a young age of 50, finally Michael you can rest in peace. My love and prayers goes out to the family of the King of Pop!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My father

If any one knows me, they would know that I am a big Daddy's girl!

My father is a protector, a provider, a supporter, a cry on your shoulder when your man upset u'er, a listener.

He is not perfect but he is the best damn role model of what a man should be in my eyes. Daddy always takes care of home before himself.. which adds to why above all the things he is...

HE IS MY BEST FRIEND! Loves my Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers who practice the life that a Man Preaches.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Credit any one?

I never really knew or understood what credit was until have I graduated from high school. At 18 I got my first credit card. The older I turned I realize how important your credit history and your credit score is.

I wonder if alot of young adults are or becoming interested in their credit scores. I see a big interest in fashion, beauty and possessions but what about the possession of Owning a Home? or starting a business?

Even though my student loan debt is sky high, I will continue to pray and put my trust in God that I will be able to pay it off and achieve my goals.

Are you focused on ur credit/credit scores?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So Whats in your closet?

I sooo need to do a year cleaning! haha of course we heard of spring cleaning but I need a year cleaning..I have alot of things to get rid of once and for all. Do you ever have something (big or small) that u just tag along with u because u may wear it one day or it could match with this even though u seem to never wear the item anyway? yeah I have alot of those lol. I plan to give alot away especially to those who really need it.

As I look at my footwear I realized the best and most comfy shoes I have are from nine west, Steve Madden, Michael Kors and Sam&Libby. I love love shoes and I plan to stick to 2 companies while I am still struggling post Master's young woman.

So whats in your closet? and if u have a favorite shoe company or line what is it? are there any shoe companies that you want to explore?

I want to explore Betsey Johnson!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Idolizing not allowed

For a while I have noticed that people have a way of idolizing others which I believe you should NOT. Its funny people would place folks so high and mighty and once they do something that is outside of their fabricated "norm" these folks become the worst, snobby, stuck up, etc... Um maybe if u didn't place them so high on your priority list you wouldn't feel sad or mad when they disappoint u..
This is what makes me think about how God (or a higher being in your beliefs) feels when we prioritizes everything else First besides God? I'm sure not happy.

I used to find myself highly upset with people when they hurt my feelings or disrespect me on any level because I placed them high in my life. But now I as get older, I realize that people are exactly what they are and no one is perfect. Therefore I expect the worst from folks and the hope for the best From God, Amen.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crappy Weather=Crappy Mood

Hey...the weather is upsetting me. I know that its all God's Will so I wont complain to much but it just makes me appreciate the Sunshine even more. Which brings me to how I been feeling..
PMS doesnt help my situation at the moment however its like crappy weather, crappy mood and sad face :(
I'm really crushed right now because of our health care system however I know God will see me thru. Its like if u get sick and it's an emergency if u dont have insurance you are @$$ed out!! People are in debt for being sick? I dont understand and probably never will..

Only prayer will help me cheer up..just alot on my mind, alot going through my head.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding in the Roc

This past weekend I went up to Rochester, NY with the honey. His cousin got married and it was beautiful..
I love weddings I think its an amazing thing and I look forward to this day one day.

What are others feelings on marriage? I mean is it something that u look forward to or is it something that u dont care about? (rather u do or dont get married)

Monday, June 1, 2009

wooo its been a while Junio is here

So June is here and I needed to make a post...
I hope everyone had a great memorial day and had fun on any vacations they have went on. I didnt have any vacays so I have just been coolin out...

something that plays in my head over and over is the difference between being honest with someone and being mean. Yes I understand the truth can and probably will hurt but if I dont ask for your two cents about something does it count as being mean? for example lets say..a guy ask a girl "hey does this color look good on me?" and the girl says no its not appealing..thats honesty could hurt but he asked for it.. now second scenario... girls says " you know that color does nothing for you, u dont look good in it" and the guy is like "wth???" that was honest but in my opinion mean.


one of my diamonds is moving to charleston, s.c. and I am soooo gonna miss u. I been holding back tears for when I'm by myself to be strong for her. Its like I met her in 5th grad and became friends in we are talkin about 11-12 years of sisterhood.
NY is getting too expensive..yes there is no place like NY but u know what I'm sure others places will make me if not as happy probably even more happier. I dont know but She is in my prayers..

Time flies...june is here!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting back into the habit

I realize the older that I am I slowly slack on taking care of me..Well its like I have so much going on..I don't have time to get my nails done or my brows waxed on a regular. But today honey (smile) treated me to getting my nails done. I became so accustomed to doing my nails myself so it was nice to be pampered again :D. and now that I got hooked up..I miss that routine of "beatifying" myself.
Has anyone ever experience this before? I love being creative and doing things on my own but being pampered is always fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

On my Master's plan

Glory to God! I graduated yesterday and I am the first in my family to pursue my Master's degree. I am proud and happy. I give all credit to God, my love, my parents and friends. With any that I named, I would be nothing and I couldn't have made it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

been away

So I just found out that I have vertigo...Its been happening now for a month. It got so bad to the point that at 3 a.m. on mothers day I was in the e.r. because I couldnt walk. but God is good all the time. I still have the dizziness but its not as bad as that day.

So thats partially why I havent really blogged. I wanted to know for sure what was going on with me...

Graduation is in the morning yay!!!I'm very happy that I am the first in my family to complete a master's program. I'm very proud. I give all thanks to God because it was easy and NOTHING was handed to me.

Until Next time...

Monday, May 11, 2009

you dont have control..God does

Sometimes we are up against a wall when we finally have realization. We realize that we are not in control of anything..God is control.

I have alot on my mind right now but the most important thing I do believe is that God works things in mysterious ways and I need to follow His Lead. Because when I jumped and made choices on my own, it brought sleepless nights and a heavy heart. God wants us to be happy and to realized that without Him we are NOTHING..
I am still believing in my dreams, I am still hanging on to his Grace..I know its in God time where everything is going to be in my favor. I just have to keep the faith and let go & Let God in!!!!

Mayful Events part II

Well, Happy belated Mothers day!
I am very blessed to have a wonderful and strong mother. Every now and then we may not see eye and eye with each other but nonetheless, my mother is definitely my biggest supporter. I mean she sees things that I dont ever see before it happens, u know the motherly intuition I call it. I think she has does a great job with raising my brother and myself and being a wife of almost 37 years...I pray that I become a great mother like her in the future...

I been having terrible dizzy spells which makes me have wobbily legs and not being able to balance myself for a few moments..for two weeks. after being in the E.R. I found it was due to stress and dehydration. I have so much going on in my head right now so i'm not surprise that stress is a factor however I drink plenty of fluids so I'm still not sure about the dehydration. I will be following up with my doctor soon.

other news..I'm not happy with my current job status. Yes I have been keeping this to myself for a while but with the praying and support from everyone I feel like I'm letting others down. I mean I know whats for me and whats NOT for me. and I'm at a point where at the end of the day, NO ONE is doing the work but me. The job was there before I came and it will be there when I'm long and gone. I believe that its taking a toll on me..mentally and physcially. I still believe that God has a plan for me and it was a reason that I was introduce into the social work field however I am shown more "signs" that its not where I should be. I am forever thankful and greatful to have an opportunity especially with the economy being where it is, but I believe it is going to rise again and so will I.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

No sisterly love

Something my mother always mentioned to me was how sad it is that women do not compliment each other enough...
When I was really young I didnt understand that but as a woman I do. Its like you can tell a woman, " You look really nice, or your style is fab sis" and alot of times they kinda look like " is she trying to come on to me?" " is she serious?"...sad.
I read a post by BCU where she was referring to black womens low self esteem.. I completely agree with her, btw check out her blog, sister is on Point!!! :D

Personally, I like to receive compliments by women because I know how prideful some women are. You know the ones that know deep down you are well put together but will find something to judge about rather it is the shoes, purse or accessories lol. so with that said for a woman to go out her way to say u look nice Nik, I really appreciate it. Now brothers are always going to say you look nice even when you are not at your best because they have motive..u feel me? If I wanted to know if I was on point I would rather here it from a fellow woman than for a guy.

So no there is not enough sisterly love but it can only change with the sister we see when we look in the mirror.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MAYful events

ooooooooooo why so much rain?...I know its God's Will but I hope to see more sunshine soon :D.

so alot of bdays this month. I will be taking a trip to Philly for one of diamond's bday celebrations..

mother's day is right around the corner..sheesh alot is going on.

sooo heres something that happened on the train:

I was holding a heavy pocket book and heavy tote bag. and I saw a seat become available on the train so I walked over to it. and these two guys thought I was rude because there was a young girl standing up as well and I didnt bother to ask her if she wanted to sit. Apparently I'm ignorant with no home training *rolls eyes*
I felt it was very comical that they was talking all this ish when the girl saw the lady get up and did NOT sit down..not my fault.
So I continued to read my mag and I didnt stoop to their level. I guess they felt since I was right next to them and they were talk ish about me that I was gonna be ghetto and start a scene? no thats not my style and Who are you Anyway??

Bottom line is I can understand if someone were elderly, pregnant or had a small child but for the fact that I had this heavy as bag, walking around in the rain and this girl was a lot younger than me and she didnt want to sit down...MY ass was sitting down, no matter how far I had to walk to get the seat. Its like Negroes try to be so conscious but still being as Ass in the end. If courtesy was such an issue, why couldnt these "brothers" tell the other men on the train to get their asses up and let us "ladies" sit down and they stand up? didnt think so..

In other news I picked up my cap and gown on monday..shoot its coming fast

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 21st


I'm so excited...A new chapter started and I am pretty sure that a new Door will open.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the ones that finish last

I love and respect myself.
I love and respect those who respect their mind, body and soul.
I love the way I look from my dark skin, figure, to my natural curly/coily hair.
I see myself how I was meant to be.
I see myself how God said I should be.

Nice, friendly, out going, spiritual, loyal, happy, blessed, nurturing, forgiving are just a few things apart of what makes me, ME

Even my flaws are on point, because my flaws have positives that people wished they possess.

I have a smile on my face when I should indeed cry or frown, but like Keri, Kanye and Neyo said..Just get back up when it knocks you down...

People have so much anger and envy that takes over their soul and because of their internal problems they transfer it to others and to make them feel as if they have the problem.

Some people are dream takers..u tell them ur dream and they will do anything in their power to see that u dont have dominion in ur goals. Jealous because they can't be you, Envious because they believe they should be you...

Just get back up and claim ur victory and hold on to your faith and dreams, God is watching and has a big plan for thoses who "Society" says finish last.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I need....

So I'm just going back in forth with myself, my emotions, whats in my heart....

I have to improve a few things about me.

I need to love every single flaw about myself because at the end of the day its what makes me...Me.
I need to stop relying on others to make the pain/hurt go aways and rely soley on God.
I need more, Me Time.

I'm working on my future and where I want to be in the next couple of years and I realized that if I dont stick to my OWN plan than I wont meet my goals.

Today is a beautiful day and its off to a great start..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Giving Back

Hey beautiful peeps!

I still consider myself to be a new/slow/not being a wizard in the cyber world blogger :D and I'm slowly trying to pick up the pace.

I do receive visits from great people and I am truly thankful for those who stop by to show some svrbrownsuga love :D. Therefore I decided to finally pick 5 blogs that are great and I have give them an award ♥

1. BCU Her Blogs are on Point! She is very unique, smart, goal oriented and a fellow Natural Sista! ;D

2. RM not only is she a friend but shes an artist :D

3. AL Bangin Blog and shes my pal from Fotki :D..Al is great

4. UC was one of the first blogs that I ever visited. I love her beauty blog with fashion sense :)

5. MinaScope Minas, we go way back..Always knew she would be talented and her blog Rocks!

Bonus**** AGRL I just started to visit her blog but I thinks shes too adorable and another fotki pal/natural sista!! ;D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent Indulges

Yes I love the mango body butter from Yes it is $20 but to me, its well worth and when it comes to my beauty care I will spend it.

Middle of the Week

I'm always in a better mood by wednesday because its "hump" day and the week just takes off from there :D. Today one of the administrators told me of how alot of my coworkers are speaking highly of me. and that put a smile on my face because even tho I am alot harder on myself, others see my potential and hard work. I still have alot to learn and every day is a new "experience" so I'm gonna stick it out and Rise to the Challenge. I'm so happy that I have a great support group in my life and here on the web ;D...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling a void

I have to pray because the feelings that I am having is making my heart so heavy. I am blessed to have a job especially when we are in a recession and people are getting fired left and right. Am I really being an idealist to think that a career should be fulfilling? or enjoyable? Not to say what I'm doing isnt enjoyable but its adding alot of stress for me. I am turning into those people who takes their job home. I cant allow my life to become that..I will continue to do my best regardless. All of my coworkers are telling me how well I'm doing but I don't feel it. I dont feel excited. but you can't keep a good woman down because I know that everything will happen according to God's plan. And with God on my side I can do all things!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Have a blessed day :D

Friday, April 10, 2009

Its been a month

with the new job... Its going ok. I really like my coworkers and supervisor and of course the children. however, what saddens me are the circumstances that the children were living with. I mean when I think about how many people in the world would love to be parents but because of medical reasons they can't, and these people who were blessed with beautiful gifts from God are abandoning or neglect their children...breaks my heart.

Well I do plan to go back to school for education and my goal is still to have my own family center. I am happy that I can get some experience with this job because I can use it when I incorporate my own Family Center in the future.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The denman loves me, the denman loves me not

So today I washed my hair with Aubrey Organics Island Naturals conditioner and Devacurl One conditioner...I love the combo. After that I added Lustrasilk Shea butter conditioner which I used as a leave in. Then I applied Castor Oil and Curly Pudding. My hair velt very moisturized all day. I loved the results!!! I do plan to try henna soon...we shall see.

Even with great results, I'm not sure if I love using a denman to shingle...Because my hair is tightly curled/coiled the denman gives way to much shrinkage..I dont know we shall see. but for now I'm not sure if the denman loves, or loves me not ;D

Monday, April 6, 2009

My bestie bday

Yeah shes 24, I had so much fun! Once her bday comes, I realized that I will be 24 soon, which means next year is how time flies!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When will the cycle stop?

Ladies and Gents there are alot of things that just need to stop. The way we view ourselves, the nonsense that we place so much value in and the way we overall treat each other. This cycle that is taking place is the destruction of marriages, relationships and friendships. When will it end? When u say enough is enough!

Before you can offer yourself to anyone/anything you have to know You and what you are all about. Your significant other can not save you from everything that happens to you. Yes its great the have support from your significant other however the important factor is..SUPPORT. Ladies we have to help ourselves first so that we can put our 100% into anything.
Ladies we need to also stop putting all the blame on the fellas. Yes alot of guys nowadays are triflin and plain ignorant but...we deal with it. Yes we all can go on and on about guys aint thise and men are all the same..well they are all the same because we put up with the same shit. In relationships you will have to push and pull sometimes and make sacrifices, but ladies if your significant other is not even meeting you half way in the relationship, u have to put a stop to it. Some may question why is that ladies give their all and always end up coming last in their relationship? Answer is because you allow it to be that way. We go out our way to meet the needs of others all the time. From makeup, hairstyles, clothing, professions and our thought process we do it for others. We will began to do things for ourselves when we accept our selves and take in responsibility. Bottom line ladies we have our Own Problems and we have to find our inner being and love it so much that we can fix our issues and not rely on that from somebody else. Yes this may be easier said than done but its a virtue...A virtue we all should be willing to practice. Just think, when was the last time you made an important decision and it was truthfully satisfying to yourself first before anyone else? or when was the last time you were so effed up in the head and you almost gave up until your significant other patted your head and assured you that you would be ok? Think about it.

Where do I start...Please get it together. In history, boys went thru a journey in order to become a man. It seems as if that journey is now becoming a player, drug dealer or baby maker....Thats a problem. It takes a real man to know how to love and respect women, it takes a real man to get a job or two to support himself or his family, it takes a real man to be a father to his children, see the difference? Guys I know its not easy growing up into this crazy world but you have to make the best out of everything. Guys, you need to set the example in all that you do. From working hard on a job, to treating a woman like she should be treated, to being a father. Would you believe that studies have shown that children are less likely to become delinquent with the role of a male figure in a child's life? Or just the importance of family dinner for a child? Now that is not always the men fault, I know the ladies have a factor in that too but that just amazes me. Here is something to think about..When was the last time that you didnt follow a crowd or did what your homies from the hood did? When was the last time you opened a door for your woman or hold groceries for a woman who looks like she is about to tobble over? or at least offer? or how about when was the last time the fathers out there read their son/daughter a bed time story and tucked them to sleep? think about it

Ladies and Gents that is just a few of things that is always on mind. I hope maybe one person thinks about this and try to live their life a little better. Just remember, Love yourself, Respect yourself and treat others like you want to be treated.
one love

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Money can't buy you happiness

I took this online quiz and it was "which Sex and the City Character are you?" and I ended up being Charlotte. I laughed but her character and I are similar in some ways. I do believe in love and happiness...however I do NOT believe that money can buy me happiness or love. Yes I understand that we need money to carry out our every day lives but does the amount of money one person has really determines their happiness?

No one wants to struggle or live pay check to pay check. But even those who do have millions and millions of dollars are not always in a happy state because they are too busy worry about getting robbed, or pondering if their significant other is really with them for them or their $$ etc.....

Everything revolves around money, even marriage. If my grandparents were alive and they heard of Prenuptial agreements they would probably be confused. I understand the purpose of a prenup and I don't judge any couples for making that choice but damn what ever happened to not breaking wedding vows and making a promise that shouldn't be broken? now its like ok, "In case we break up" this is our agreement...??

Well with my standards money cannot buy me happiness and I hope others will learn that as well. Money isn't everything and we should not idolize it, but happiness and love is a quest or a journey that we should take and want to achieve one day.

one love
Nic Cheri

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I represented in Yoga class today

So I joined this gym in february and I have been keeping my word of not wanting to "get right" because of a new years res. or because the summer is right around the corner but because I NEED to be healthier and active the older I get. I must say that the yoga classes are helping me relax and be at ease when I have soo much stress going on.
anywayz..the usual yoga leader was absent today so one of the other yoga leader filled in for her. Now I like this teacher because she did challenge us and I really felt my body stretch in the different poses :D. So all the black girls left after 30 minutes. The class was for 90 minutes. So I was trooper and held it down for the sistas!! ;D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I found money...well sorta

Has this ever happen to you:
You thought u were BROKE AS A JOKE! and then u find like $20 and its like YAYYYYY???

Well I thought I was broke today until I did an inquiry at the atm. God is sooo good I saw $100 as the total I'm like God placed that money there :D...but I'm just in a great mood to have money that I thought I didnt have :D.

Drizzle down Thursday

Today was sooooo long. I had a family visit that went well, I was so excited because I went all by myself :D. I am starting to appreciate the new job however the commute really sucks! Yes, I can be called a baby or spoiled but oh well next job will be at most 20 minutes away from my house.

Anywayz the 9th will be a month and I plan to get all the experience that I can get :D. I do like my coworkers and they make the day interesting :D. Hmmmm nothing is really going on, just trying to save money and I am searching for schools again..
thats right I plan to go back to school. I'm not sure when I will start back or apply but I will keep you lovelies informed. Much love

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quote I am believing to be true

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man would have to go through HIM to find her" Unknown (unless someone can tell me where its from :D, I would appreciate that)

I love this quote because in my view it's so true. In service today, one of the members from my church proposed to his girlfriend. It was very touching and my pastor blessed the ring before he placed it on her finger. My pastor made a joke saying something along the lines of "if he loves u that much he would put a ring on it" then all the ladies were like "yep yep" "thats right" and doing the beyonce ring on it dance lol. fun times but true.

Pastor also made a comment about shacking up. I mean I dont care if others do it however the more and more I think about it. I want to be at least engaged about to get married in a month or few weeks when living with my honey. With my standards, I want to marry a God fearing man, period. I need to know that if things go wrong, I have a spouse that wont just throw in the towel or run away, but a spouse that will get down on his knees and pray with me. I know I have found that person which is a blessing, I hope and pray others feel the importance of faith and spirituality in a marriage because "A family that prays together will stay together"...THE TRUTH.
Nicole Cherise

Good Day!

I enjoyed church service today. I was moved by the message of "God is Able" the scripture came from Daniel 3:13-17.
I felt the need to express this in my blog because with all the "bad" things that are happening around us, its important to know that there IS still good around and good to happen. To those who do tune into my blog know that I was struggling to find a new job..and with time and patience and most importantly keeping faith with God, I got a new job :D.
We all have a story, we all have a past, I'm learning that we have to better ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually to have a positive present and furthermore, future.
No matter what faith you may practice, I do not judge because I accept people for who they are and as long as people realize that they are Nothing without the mercy of a higer being, I'm happy.
Good day today, good day everyday. I have to keep positive thoughts in my head at all times because if I dont, I will go crazy like many people around the world. Praying and keeping my faith with God is keeping me sane and stable. I hope everyone is being blessed and had a wonderful weekend.
Nicole Cherise

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love Is...

Everything I could ever want. Because of Love, I pray more, work harder and anticipate any upcomings that love shall bring.
Love will take over you..People who claim to be tough or rough around the edges do give in to Love.
Love is so powerful, God loved us so much that He gave his Son to die so that our sins are forgiven and we can make it to Heaven one day. Now even if you dont believe in this spiritual belief thats ok..however any higher being that you follow Loves you more than you will ever know.
Love is not selfish, jealous, spiteful or deceitful....Love is kind, beautiful, loyal and full of blessings.
Love can make you see things in a person that no one else can. Love can make you see the positive with soo much destruction and negativity.
Love makes me believe that their is a better place for me, you...all of us. We just have to believe it, we have to feel it, we have to know it.
I prayed and asked to have Real Love one day...who knew God was going to place Love in my life at a young age. Who knew that I walked past love for a whole year and when love came, it came at the best time in my life. A time when I was hurt, going through so much pain, only to know that love impacted my life so much that I felt the need to smile, I felt the need to challenge myself to obstacles, I felt the need to be Me.
I have love, I give love, I share love and I'm In Love. ..
God is love
Love is Beauty
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I see the God in you.......

Weekend 3/14-3/15

I really appreciated this weekend. I had alot of rest and I was able to reflect on my first week of the new job.
I went to the gym and got an assesment done on my bod...well I have been concentrating on the wrong work out regime. I need to concentrate of exercises that is strictly for my core muscles. I am so sore from the assessment however I feel great about myself. I think I am going to purchase a work out tape for that type of exercising.
Me and My gurlie RM were out and about and had a nice introduction to the burtbee's company. Now we both have heard of the company and I have some of the shampoos but were introduced the to skin care as well. I purchased the coconut foot cream which is Amazing and its only 9 bucks. Now I still love my cd peppermint fot creme but burtbees is on point too. Burtbee's has a pomegranate shampoo and conditioner and I plan to purchase the conditioner the only thing is, its for "volumizing"..I feel I have enough volume as is so I dont know if that will be a negative or positive yet but it smells yummy!
Today I washed my hair and I also used nexxus emergencee treatment. I must say that my hair felt amazing after the treatment. Its been a while and I enjoyed every second of feeling each strand coil up with the water fall from the shower head. Then I added giovanni direct leave in (my favorite, officially a holy grail!) and I used Blended Beauty Curl style creme, it was very moisturizing and I got it from my homie RM. It reminded me of how much I miss Blended Beauty products the prices are just a grip sometimes tho...:/ and after that I sealed it with castor oil and I loved the results! Tonight I am twisting up my hair to have a cute twist out tomorrow :D good times good times...

Friday, March 13, 2009

First week

Okay, so even thought I have not really gone in the field, I feel overly tired.
The hours are a big difference from what I am used to but I just have to play it by the ear.. I feel my day is mostly spent downtown and now I really understand when people say " you see your co-workers more than your own family". I accepted the fact that thursdays will be my long days because of two late family visits in the office.

I have met kool peeps at work. and one of my good friends works there as well but in a different unit. Thank God its friday and we have monday off soo 3 day weekend, Holla!. Now I can catch up on sleep because 6 am is nooooo joke!

**side note**
Alot of the women in the office have natural hair or cute short hair styles. One thing I do appreciate about the BK or an urban atmosphere is the fact that everyone has their own style or uniqueness. Of course no matter where you got there will always be a so called " standard beauty" but I hold my own standards...HA take that glamour mag *wink*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My first week


Friday, March 6, 2009

Got Sleep?

Ever since I have been exercising, I realize that no matter what time I go to sleep I wake up feeling refreshed! Waking up feeling refreshed is making me happier in the morning and looking forward to the next...I can understand how they say say sleep affects everything.....I can get used to this

also...Lovely weather today..yay!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So this is where my journey to success starts...Downtown Brooklyn. I finally finished all my run arounds for my new career. As I am walking around I just noticed how everything this is a fast pace. I am a slow walker and natural a suburban girl at heart. Now dont get me wrong,the grass is not always green where there are plenty of trees..L.I. definitely has hood areas lol..

Anyway, I definitely think I will grow a relationship with some of NYC's boroughs after time of knowing where the heck I'm going.
I was already welcomed today with a car bumping into the back of my car :/ no damage or anything just a "welcome" tap lol.

I will keep ya updated, Monday is the big day :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

Smile for the camera now...flick flick!!

So today was orientation at my new job!!! I'm still amazed by God's grace... Just amazed.

I took my finger prints and my photo for my i.d. card. Even with the commute to downtown BK, it still has not sunk in that I have a new job. I'm so excited..

So I saw the hello kitty line at MAC today, I think its cute! I will be purchasing a lip gloss probably..they are all sheer tho, so on my lips it just looks like gloss with a lil sparkel..but it's kool I still want one anyway..I'm thinking of the Nice to be Nice its actually an orangy pearlish color..not what pictured here, but this is just the lil design on the lipglass...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Gym Membership

So I have a new gym membership and I am soooo this morning I went to the gym and my body feels so great. I cant definitely understand why peeps go all the time because its truly refreshing. One of the goals I have is too flatten my belly. I dont need to lose weight however if 5 or 10 pounds come off so be it..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So this morning I got a phone call...

I GOT A JOB!! I am so happy and God is soooo good. and this is my blessing set for me according to God's plan. I am soo happy and if anyone pays attention to my posts, u will know that the job situation has been crazy for me. however my wonderful bf, friends and family assured me that, I was not forgotten and I would be ok..thanks for all the support!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you take Responsibility?

Something that people need to practice is taking their own responsibility...we tend to look to others to solve our problems or we blame others for our actions when in reality, we need to fix ourselves before fixing anything else.

I mean nothing is wrong with seeking support from family, friends, lovers etc...however they can only hold your hand but so much, you have to rise up to your own challenges and learn to accept and deal with them. Any issues or problems that we have, we have to be first to say I want to change or I don't want to live this way any more first before telling someone to help us.
Life is about having experiences not regrets, we have to learn from them and evaluate how our life is going to be different because of the experience and continue to live. You only have one life and we should want to make the best of it. Life is entirely too short to walk around with anger in your you really want to die mad? or have the ones that love you remember you as being depressed or angry? I hope the answer is no.

so why not today make change in ur life...Do something positive or make posititve actions..and in the near future look at yourself first before putting blame on anything or anyone else for your dilemas...
one love

Friday, February 20, 2009

What do you see in the mirror?

Do you like what you see in the mirror? are you satisfied or it will just do?..well does it even matter to you?
I notice that I am getting older and alot of things I did when I was younger can not happen now in my adult life.
I used to be able to eat alot of food and not gain weight, during my adolescent years I yearned to gain weight because I felt I was too skinny. I am still a small frame woman however after reading a health book, I realize that I am not giving my all to being healthy.
1. I do attend the gym at my school but I need to be more consistent
2. I need to practice cooking, so that I can cook for myself instead of relying on fast food.
3. I also need to eat more natural foods.
4. I read in Essence Magazine that veggies need to be the MAJORITY on my plate, they will be easy because I love vegetables :D
5. DRINK MORE WATER! I do but I can always intake in more
6. The most important, LEARN TO BE STRESS FREE

I believe that with theses goals I can remain healthy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Momma's 60th

So my main gurlfriend aka Ma, turned 60 on the 17th. I am very blessed to have both her and my father in my life. I love them very much I would trade them for anything. So Daddy and I took her to Ayhan's Shish Kebab..Yummy!!!

Back from the Roc....

so this vday weekend I spent it with honey to visit my future in-laws (teehee) :D.
I had such a great time and I felt right at home. His father's side of the family mostly reside upstate new york, ohio and maryland. However for Granddad's 75th bday everyone made an appearance :D..

As I observed his relatives, I thought to myself...I'm not that close to my father's side of the family. I mean I know that it can happen but it saddens me that I know my mother's side like the back of my hand however, I could be in the same room with a cousin from my daddy's side of the family and not even know it. I mean it is what it is, I didnt make it that way... however I promised myself and honey that our child(s) will know both sides of the family! :D

ps- honey gave me this art work two years ago for my bday..I love black art!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

day off from work catch-up!

I know its been a lil while since I posted..well I'm back :D. Today I had off from work and I am happy about that, therefore I decided to make a post.
I got my grades back from my exam and I passed 3 out 4 sections..I was a little upset at first and then realized...wait a minute, it could have been worst. I could have only passed 1 out 4 however God is good and that didnt happen. So in august I just have to take one more section and then I will receive my diploma and I know I'm going to ACE that ish! lol

So I followed the review of one of my favorite blogs, Conjured Perceptions on the karma soap at Lush...Gurl u were on the money and I now know that ur reviews are the Ish! lol :D Karma soap smells so good. I loved it so much that I had to buy the Karma Kreme which is amazing! I'm soo happy about this. It does cost some $$ however its well worth it.

vday this year
Well the honey and I are going to visit his family upstate..I'm excited for that and looking forward to seeing more of his fam. his fam is giving a party for his grandfather so that will be nice. So we are not gonna go crazy about vday this year however the love we share..Its Valentine's day everyday ♥

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm doing ok. I stayed home this friday because I was not feeling too well.. but I'm better now :D

Still in search..sound like a broken record huh? but I have a feeling things are about to change sooner than I think :D

The honey, family, bff's
Everyone is good. Deeply in love...the best parents ever! and the best friends whom I consider my diamonds are great too!

So this past tuesday I got my hair straightened..I like it. I'm still trying to grow these layers out..but none the less I love the results. Gotta love a CHI..well worth the money. I want to invest in the one that my stylist uses in day when I have money to spend I will...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

No classes? hmmm this seems so "new" to me

School/Career thoughts
Yeah so I finished school in december and I took my comprehensive exam last week (praying that I did well) and now I am just currently seeking a new job. I hope I get something soon but I know that God has something for me.
But not having to go to school is really Brand "new" for me.. I kept saying oo I cant wait to be done with high school then I went to I cant wait to be done with my bachelors then went to grad I cant wait to be done with grad school and now its "O?..." lollol now the real world and looking for real big things to happen but only in God's time I Know.

Hair Stats
So yesterday and today I actually got alot of compliments on my hair. I wear my usual twist outs however...I used clips to pin my twist down and then I release them after getting dressed. I love how the steam from my shower plumps my twists up.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hmmm some shoes that I'm feeling at the moment

So I am a big Michael Kors fan :D I love the clothes, bags and of course shoes...

I would like to purchase these however with funds....well u know the rest lol

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes you are successfull but would u trade it all to be a stay at home wife?

So, not too long ago my honey bun and I were talking and he asked would I be a stay at home wife/mom? I said No because I am furthering my education for a reason and I need to have my Own Career not to just rely on yours...however I did think about things such a pregnancy, will I be able to just simply go after 3-6 months? As an aspiring Psychologist, I know the importance of the bond for attachment between mother and child so would I really be able to just leave my child that easy?
I dont judge any woman who refers to stay at home instead of work especially if she is in a good financial situation with her spouse and she wants to tend to the children...but I know I just wouldnt be complete with out working in my field or towards my goal..what do u think?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New First Family

God Bless America...I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am happy to be an American. I literally cried during the first dance of Barack and Michelle :D
I love everything about our President and First Lady! Two brillant people who ARE rolemodels. The haters can't even deny how powerful this couple is..I'm too happy...

And I cant forget the beautiful daughters Malia and Sasha...Lucky little girls...shoot this country is lucky. God put him here for a reason..

I can really believe the quote " You can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it". No one can take away your education from you...The Devil is liar and all the hard work will pay off

Monday, January 19, 2009

Response about Notorious (ranting) lol

So I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some of the negative ish needs to stop. I mean there are peeps saying the acting was horrible bla bla bla. First of all the only peeps u should expect their acting to be on point is angela and derek luke because they have been in a lot of movies, in which they did a damn good job. Second the rest of the cast (except the actor for lil cease) were "new actors"! I mean peeps thats not even from New York..better yet Brooklyn got a lot of ish to say about the film. I dont know it just bothered me because its the first Hip Hop Artist to actually have a bio on the big screen. I mean I'm not from BK but as a person from NY I was very impressed with the movie. I'm saying we have Ray and now we have the first hip hop artist to have a bio on the Big Screen. There are many other artist and groups who should have made it but BIG made it....


God Bless MLK Jr..Such a unique and beautiful person with a dream. Learning about MLK's agape love is very important to me. I mean he was able to truly love his enemies. People who Hated African American people, he encourage us to love them any way because God wanted us to. Agape love, unconditional regard...its something I try to practice in my life. I am thankful to be in the position that I am and I am happy that MLK Jr. fought for my freedom and future. Thank u Dr. King ♥

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I just got back from seeing the Notorious movie with my honey and...I enjoyed it! I was very pleased with the cast. While watching the movie, I saw another side to biggie that we obviously never seen before. Its a must see and I prolly will see it again. Also my girl Angela did her thang as usual :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Miracle landing

My honey called me while I was at work to tell me what happened. All I could do was thank God that everyone was alright and that no one was severly hurt. I mean I'm speechless but I'm Just happy these people are ok.

more info

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay for Jilly

I am too happy for Jill Scott. She is getting married and PREGNANT! woo hoo :D. I bet her baby is gonna be soo pretty :D...I'm excited! I guess its because marriage and motherhood is something I look forward to. Many women may think differently however I live to see this day happen in my life ♥

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm a Daddy's Girl

Yep I'm a Daddy's girl for sure.... but I dont know how I feel about Vanessa and Angela's Daddy's girl show on MTV... I saw part of an episode to night and I was not amused and quietly left my room.
I am happy the Angie and Vanessa have their own show but...its need a lil more "umph" I guess. Nonetheless they dress nice tho...:D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Needs

I have been hearing alot of materialistic things that people desire to have. Now dont get me wrong, I like nice things and I love to look great as well however I dont need the most "expensive" things to feel happy. I am firm believer that you CAN'T buy happiness and you CAN'T buy love. the riches I desire is more mental and spiritual needs. Such as:
I need to be faithful in my beliefs
I need to be Happy with myself
I need to have love in my life

I feel that without love,faith and happiness I am nothing...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy Saturday

So today I went to the school to study for my comp exam from 11:15-2:45. Studying went will I had a great partner and we did get alot accomplished...I'm still nervous tho..but I have time.
After studying My God daughter Amiyah had her birthday party which was really fun she had a lil magice show. When I was young I didnt see many magice shows so I was too thrilled lol lol and then after that I went to a babyshower which was cool. I am so exhausted and I patiently await for my handsome honey...(sigh) very excited :D

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thinking with my Master Plan

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Yes we made it thanks to God. On NYE My honey and I went to church with his grandma. I enjoyed bringing in the new year praying and being as close to God as I could. I didnt make any resolutions however I do have this attititude that if I want change, I have to be the whats been goin on with me

So on December 17th I finished my last class of my master's program. Thank God I am so happy and blessed that I made it this far. I ended the semester with a 3.6 gpa and a cummulative gpa of 3.5. God is really good all the time and all the time God is good. I am proud of myself and so is my circle of loved ones. I'm just really happy right now. Next on my agenda is to pass my Comprehensive exam on 1/24th I am praying that I pass all four sections with an 80 or better. Please who ever reads this keep me in your prayers.

Still looking and searching. I applied for a great opportunity I pray that I get it...I will update on that later.

Family, friends, Love of my life
Everyone is Great. and I am too blessed to have them in my life.

I need to do it...I am patiently waiting for more income so that I can splurge a lil bit :D. So far i hit up some lil gurlie stores and Express (nice sale) and i have four new pairs a shoes...very excited

Hair stuff
So I have been neglecting my natural tresses I know Shame on me..however I decided I was going spoil the ish out of hair for now on. Today I had a great experiment on nice curl definition and moisture. I co washed with aubrey organics island naturals,then I applied giovanni direct leave in conditioner, took a dollop of kinky curly curling custard (kccc) and aubrey organics mandarin jelly and I also sealed it with castor oil. I loved the results and it didnt take me forever like usual. I was very happy today therefore today was a fab hair day. I am thinking about pressing my hair in february but I'm not sure yet. If not than braids is an option.