Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting back into the habit

I realize the older that I am I slowly slack on taking care of me..Well its like I have so much going on..I don't have time to get my nails done or my brows waxed on a regular. But today honey (smile) treated me to getting my nails done. I became so accustomed to doing my nails myself so it was nice to be pampered again :D. and now that I got hooked up..I miss that routine of "beatifying" myself.
Has anyone ever experience this before? I love being creative and doing things on my own but being pampered is always fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

On my Master's plan

Glory to God! I graduated yesterday and I am the first in my family to pursue my Master's degree. I am proud and happy. I give all credit to God, my love, my parents and friends. With any that I named, I would be nothing and I couldn't have made it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

been away

So I just found out that I have vertigo...Its been happening now for a month. It got so bad to the point that at 3 a.m. on mothers day I was in the e.r. because I couldnt walk. but God is good all the time. I still have the dizziness but its not as bad as that day.

So thats partially why I havent really blogged. I wanted to know for sure what was going on with me...

Graduation is in the morning yay!!!I'm very happy that I am the first in my family to complete a master's program. I'm very proud. I give all thanks to God because it was easy and NOTHING was handed to me.

Until Next time...

Monday, May 11, 2009

you dont have control..God does

Sometimes we are up against a wall when we finally have realization. We realize that we are not in control of anything..God is control.

I have alot on my mind right now but the most important thing I do believe is that God works things in mysterious ways and I need to follow His Lead. Because when I jumped and made choices on my own, it brought sleepless nights and a heavy heart. God wants us to be happy and to realized that without Him we are NOTHING..
I am still believing in my dreams, I am still hanging on to his Grace..I know its in God time where everything is going to be in my favor. I just have to keep the faith and let go & Let God in!!!!

Mayful Events part II

Well, Happy belated Mothers day!
I am very blessed to have a wonderful and strong mother. Every now and then we may not see eye and eye with each other but nonetheless, my mother is definitely my biggest supporter. I mean she sees things that I dont ever see before it happens, u know the motherly intuition I call it. I think she has does a great job with raising my brother and myself and being a wife of almost 37 years...I pray that I become a great mother like her in the future...

I been having terrible dizzy spells which makes me have wobbily legs and not being able to balance myself for a few moments..for two weeks. after being in the E.R. I found it was due to stress and dehydration. I have so much going on in my head right now so i'm not surprise that stress is a factor however I drink plenty of fluids so I'm still not sure about the dehydration. I will be following up with my doctor soon.

other news..I'm not happy with my current job status. Yes I have been keeping this to myself for a while but with the praying and support from everyone I feel like I'm letting others down. I mean I know whats for me and whats NOT for me. and I'm at a point where at the end of the day, NO ONE is doing the work but me. The job was there before I came and it will be there when I'm long and gone. I believe that its taking a toll on me..mentally and physcially. I still believe that God has a plan for me and it was a reason that I was introduce into the social work field however I am shown more "signs" that its not where I should be. I am forever thankful and greatful to have an opportunity especially with the economy being where it is, but I believe it is going to rise again and so will I.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

No sisterly love

Something my mother always mentioned to me was how sad it is that women do not compliment each other enough...
When I was really young I didnt understand that but as a woman I do. Its like you can tell a woman, " You look really nice, or your style is fab sis" and alot of times they kinda look like " is she trying to come on to me?" " is she serious?"...sad.
I read a post by BCU where she was referring to black womens low self esteem.. I completely agree with her, btw check out her blog, sister is on Point!!! :D

Personally, I like to receive compliments by women because I know how prideful some women are. You know the ones that know deep down you are well put together but will find something to judge about rather it is the shoes, purse or accessories lol. so with that said for a woman to go out her way to say u look nice Nik, I really appreciate it. Now brothers are always going to say you look nice even when you are not at your best because they have motive..u feel me? If I wanted to know if I was on point I would rather here it from a fellow woman than for a guy.

So no there is not enough sisterly love but it can only change with the sister we see when we look in the mirror.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MAYful events

ooooooooooo why so much rain?...I know its God's Will but I hope to see more sunshine soon :D.

so alot of bdays this month. I will be taking a trip to Philly for one of diamond's bday celebrations..

mother's day is right around the corner..sheesh alot is going on.

sooo heres something that happened on the train:

I was holding a heavy pocket book and heavy tote bag. and I saw a seat become available on the train so I walked over to it. and these two guys thought I was rude because there was a young girl standing up as well and I didnt bother to ask her if she wanted to sit. Apparently I'm ignorant with no home training *rolls eyes*
I felt it was very comical that they was talking all this ish when the girl saw the lady get up and did NOT sit down..not my fault.
So I continued to read my mag and I didnt stoop to their level. I guess they felt since I was right next to them and they were talk ish about me that I was gonna be ghetto and start a scene? no thats not my style and Who are you Anyway??

Bottom line is I can understand if someone were elderly, pregnant or had a small child but for the fact that I had this heavy as bag, walking around in the rain and this girl was a lot younger than me and she didnt want to sit down...MY ass was sitting down, no matter how far I had to walk to get the seat. Its like Negroes try to be so conscious but still being as Ass in the end. If courtesy was such an issue, why couldnt these "brothers" tell the other men on the train to get their asses up and let us "ladies" sit down and they stand up? didnt think so..

In other news I picked up my cap and gown on monday..shoot its coming fast