Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carol's Daughter Products at Marshalls

So last night I was in Marshall just browsing around I noticed some of carols daughter products there. Now I am fully aware that the jamaican punch is being discontinued so for all of you who love that fragrance I suggest u stock up now. Marshall's had the body scrub, body and bath oil, and the Khoret Amen oil and shampoo. I purchased the groove and ocean body oils and body scrubs they are not my favs but hey at the prices of $7.99 for cd body scrub I cant say no. and the oils were $5.99. the khoret amen shampoo was 3.99 and the oil was either 5.99 or 4.99. Definitely steals. I would have went crazy if they had almond cookie or estasy but I'm grateful for what I did get. So what other bargains have you beauties been able to get your hands on?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

ooooo Spring where are you???

Hey beauties!

Is it me or is this winter out of control??? I mean sheesh yes I expect the cold weather and snow but this is just hype.
I have to ante up on moisture because my skin and hair has been feeling a little dry therefore I'm drinking more water, moisturizing my skin while damp (like right from shower I apply carol's daughter almond cookie bath oil, then I dry my skin with my towel), and using either vigoral's curl creme or missjessies curlybuttercream. I do need to deep condition more however since my hair is in a dry twist out with flat two strand twist on the side I've been lazy lol. What are u beauties doing to protect your skin and/or hair from the winter?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friends or extended Associates?

hey beauties!

Friend, a word that is tossed around frequently. Many introduce themselves as friends with others and many lie to your face calling you a friend mean while they could care two cents about you.

According to a friend is :
a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

So how many friends do you really have ?I am guilty of calling many a friend when they are just an extension of an associate. My real friends have stood by my side when I'm right and when I'm wrong. We communicate well and share a bond. My real friends know me, they know my pain, my struggle, my weaknesses, my strengths and my courage.
Extended Associates know much of what my real friends do however when I really need support, they are ghost. when life starts to have turmoil they are clucking their heels in another direction. They pretend to care however if they never met you, their lives wouldn't change one bit....My real friends effect my life every day. Without them in my circle apart of me is missing.

One of the smartest individuals that I know said the quote " people are in your life for different reasons and different seasons" and as I've gotten older and wiser that quote sticks with me.

And one of my friends stated to me "Nik,I can count on one hand my Real Friends" and I would sit there like true but what about so and so or that one, now I realize my friend was right. My Real and genuine friends are only in one hand, now there are few, and I'm stretching few that I am close to as well. I'm just blessed and happy to know the cinco amigas I have are worth it all and I appreciate our sisterhood. I know that if times get rough they are there in my corner to go to War! Thank God for them.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

hey peeps! Happy Valentine's Day

Hey beauties!

Happy Valentine's Day :D

Alot of peeps has being asking me what are the plan with my boyfriend? Nothing.
Lol We share wonderful time together and offer warm affections all the time. Therefore we don't need to take one day to be Extra hype. However I do like Valentine's day :D I love seeing new couples hold hands, smiling, hugging, dining at beautiful! So I say to my readers Happy Valentine's Day enjoy and be Merry.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Black Men don't Respect Black Women?

While listening to D.L. Hugley I heard a white male call in with this statement. As sad as that sounds, is there any truth to that?

Now I have wonderful black men in my life however I will admit some of our brothers are dipping with other women even if they are in committed relationships or fathering children outside of marriage etc... It does hurt that as a black woman, black men are doing this to us. I mean it's disturbing to hear that black men are done with black women. Don't get me wrong you love and have a relationship with whoever you want as long as you are happy however to hear brothers say they are tired of black women for shallow reasons (skin tone, hair, body) is simply SELF HATRED. There is no other way around it..brainwashed by society Period.

Now ladies, as much as I do agree that some brothers don't respect black women, you have to also realize that it's not only brothers. ANY MAN from ANY RACE will cheat, lie or deceive you. So do not think because you may be a trophy woman to a man of a different race that you wont get played.

I just wish for one day that all people will treat one another like they want to be treated, especially in Relationships.
Whats your take on this?

Later Beauties

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

locker room blues

Hey beauties!

I hope all is well..I do not have anything on mind really except this one thing that puzzles me. Now I am working out more often and after a workout I go in the hot tub to chill out my muscles then I take a shower and get dressed. now I have my towels and cover up but there is one woman who really makes herself at home and parades around naked...I mean NAKED!!!! Yes we are all women and yes u should be confident one wants to see u strut around with your nips and private parts exposed smh. I don't know do u think its a big deal? or you do it yourself?