Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When will the cycle stop?

Ladies and Gents there are alot of things that just need to stop. The way we view ourselves, the nonsense that we place so much value in and the way we overall treat each other. This cycle that is taking place is the destruction of marriages, relationships and friendships. When will it end? When u say enough is enough!

Before you can offer yourself to anyone/anything you have to know You and what you are all about. Your significant other can not save you from everything that happens to you. Yes its great the have support from your significant other however the important factor is..SUPPORT. Ladies we have to help ourselves first so that we can put our 100% into anything.
Ladies we need to also stop putting all the blame on the fellas. Yes alot of guys nowadays are triflin and plain ignorant but...we deal with it. Yes we all can go on and on about guys aint thise and men are all the same..well they are all the same because we put up with the same shit. In relationships you will have to push and pull sometimes and make sacrifices, but ladies if your significant other is not even meeting you half way in the relationship, u have to put a stop to it. Some may question why is that ladies give their all and always end up coming last in their relationship? Answer is because you allow it to be that way. We go out our way to meet the needs of others all the time. From makeup, hairstyles, clothing, professions and our thought process we do it for others. We will began to do things for ourselves when we accept our selves and take in responsibility. Bottom line ladies we have our Own Problems and we have to find our inner being and love it so much that we can fix our issues and not rely on that from somebody else. Yes this may be easier said than done but its a virtue...A virtue we all should be willing to practice. Just think, when was the last time you made an important decision and it was truthfully satisfying to yourself first before anyone else? or when was the last time you were so effed up in the head and you almost gave up until your significant other patted your head and assured you that you would be ok? Think about it.

Where do I start...Please get it together. In history, boys went thru a journey in order to become a man. It seems as if that journey is now becoming a player, drug dealer or baby maker....Thats a problem. It takes a real man to know how to love and respect women, it takes a real man to get a job or two to support himself or his family, it takes a real man to be a father to his children, see the difference? Guys I know its not easy growing up into this crazy world but you have to make the best out of everything. Guys, you need to set the example in all that you do. From working hard on a job, to treating a woman like she should be treated, to being a father. Would you believe that studies have shown that children are less likely to become delinquent with the role of a male figure in a child's life? Or just the importance of family dinner for a child? Now that is not always the men fault, I know the ladies have a factor in that too but that just amazes me. Here is something to think about..When was the last time that you didnt follow a crowd or did what your homies from the hood did? When was the last time you opened a door for your woman or hold groceries for a woman who looks like she is about to tobble over? or at least offer? or how about when was the last time the fathers out there read their son/daughter a bed time story and tucked them to sleep? think about it

Ladies and Gents that is just a few of things that is always on mind. I hope maybe one person thinks about this and try to live their life a little better. Just remember, Love yourself, Respect yourself and treat others like you want to be treated.
one love

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Money can't buy you happiness

I took this online quiz and it was "which Sex and the City Character are you?" and I ended up being Charlotte. I laughed but her character and I are similar in some ways. I do believe in love and happiness...however I do NOT believe that money can buy me happiness or love. Yes I understand that we need money to carry out our every day lives but does the amount of money one person has really determines their happiness?

No one wants to struggle or live pay check to pay check. But even those who do have millions and millions of dollars are not always in a happy state because they are too busy worry about getting robbed, or pondering if their significant other is really with them for them or their $$ etc.....

Everything revolves around money, even marriage. If my grandparents were alive and they heard of Prenuptial agreements they would probably be confused. I understand the purpose of a prenup and I don't judge any couples for making that choice but damn what ever happened to not breaking wedding vows and making a promise that shouldn't be broken? now its like ok, "In case we break up" this is our agreement...??

Well with my standards money cannot buy me happiness and I hope others will learn that as well. Money isn't everything and we should not idolize it, but happiness and love is a quest or a journey that we should take and want to achieve one day.

one love
Nic Cheri

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I represented in Yoga class today

So I joined this gym in february and I have been keeping my word of not wanting to "get right" because of a new years res. or because the summer is right around the corner but because I NEED to be healthier and active the older I get. I must say that the yoga classes are helping me relax and be at ease when I have soo much stress going on.
anywayz..the usual yoga leader was absent today so one of the other yoga leader filled in for her. Now I like this teacher because she did challenge us and I really felt my body stretch in the different poses :D. So all the black girls left after 30 minutes. The class was for 90 minutes. So I was trooper and held it down for the sistas!! ;D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I found money...well sorta

Has this ever happen to you:
You thought u were BROKE AS A JOKE! and then u find like $20 and its like YAYYYYY???

Well I thought I was broke today until I did an inquiry at the atm. God is sooo good I saw $100 as the total I'm like God placed that money there :D...but I'm just in a great mood to have money that I thought I didnt have :D.

Drizzle down Thursday

Today was sooooo long. I had a family visit that went well, I was so excited because I went all by myself :D. I am starting to appreciate the new job however the commute really sucks! Yes, I can be called a baby or spoiled but oh well next job will be at most 20 minutes away from my house.

Anywayz the 9th will be a month and I plan to get all the experience that I can get :D. I do like my coworkers and they make the day interesting :D. Hmmmm nothing is really going on, just trying to save money and I am searching for schools again..
thats right I plan to go back to school. I'm not sure when I will start back or apply but I will keep you lovelies informed. Much love

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quote I am believing to be true

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man would have to go through HIM to find her" Unknown (unless someone can tell me where its from :D, I would appreciate that)

I love this quote because in my view it's so true. In service today, one of the members from my church proposed to his girlfriend. It was very touching and my pastor blessed the ring before he placed it on her finger. My pastor made a joke saying something along the lines of "if he loves u that much he would put a ring on it" then all the ladies were like "yep yep" "thats right" and doing the beyonce ring on it dance lol. fun times but true.

Pastor also made a comment about shacking up. I mean I dont care if others do it however the more and more I think about it. I want to be at least engaged about to get married in a month or few weeks when living with my honey. With my standards, I want to marry a God fearing man, period. I need to know that if things go wrong, I have a spouse that wont just throw in the towel or run away, but a spouse that will get down on his knees and pray with me. I know I have found that person which is a blessing, I hope and pray others feel the importance of faith and spirituality in a marriage because "A family that prays together will stay together"...THE TRUTH.
Nicole Cherise

Good Day!

I enjoyed church service today. I was moved by the message of "God is Able" the scripture came from Daniel 3:13-17.
I felt the need to express this in my blog because with all the "bad" things that are happening around us, its important to know that there IS still good around and good to happen. To those who do tune into my blog know that I was struggling to find a new job..and with time and patience and most importantly keeping faith with God, I got a new job :D.
We all have a story, we all have a past, I'm learning that we have to better ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually to have a positive present and furthermore, future.
No matter what faith you may practice, I do not judge because I accept people for who they are and as long as people realize that they are Nothing without the mercy of a higer being, I'm happy.
Good day today, good day everyday. I have to keep positive thoughts in my head at all times because if I dont, I will go crazy like many people around the world. Praying and keeping my faith with God is keeping me sane and stable. I hope everyone is being blessed and had a wonderful weekend.
Nicole Cherise

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love Is...

Everything I could ever want. Because of Love, I pray more, work harder and anticipate any upcomings that love shall bring.
Love will take over you..People who claim to be tough or rough around the edges do give in to Love.
Love is so powerful, God loved us so much that He gave his Son to die so that our sins are forgiven and we can make it to Heaven one day. Now even if you dont believe in this spiritual belief thats ok..however any higher being that you follow Loves you more than you will ever know.
Love is not selfish, jealous, spiteful or deceitful....Love is kind, beautiful, loyal and full of blessings.
Love can make you see things in a person that no one else can. Love can make you see the positive with soo much destruction and negativity.
Love makes me believe that their is a better place for me, you...all of us. We just have to believe it, we have to feel it, we have to know it.
I prayed and asked to have Real Love one day...who knew God was going to place Love in my life at a young age. Who knew that I walked past love for a whole year and when love came, it came at the best time in my life. A time when I was hurt, going through so much pain, only to know that love impacted my life so much that I felt the need to smile, I felt the need to challenge myself to obstacles, I felt the need to be Me.
I have love, I give love, I share love and I'm In Love. ..
God is love
Love is Beauty
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I see the God in you.......

Weekend 3/14-3/15

I really appreciated this weekend. I had alot of rest and I was able to reflect on my first week of the new job.
I went to the gym and got an assesment done on my bod...well I have been concentrating on the wrong work out regime. I need to concentrate of exercises that is strictly for my core muscles. I am so sore from the assessment however I feel great about myself. I think I am going to purchase a work out tape for that type of exercising.
Me and My gurlie RM were out and about and had a nice introduction to the burtbee's company. Now we both have heard of the company and I have some of the shampoos but were introduced the to skin care as well. I purchased the coconut foot cream which is Amazing and its only 9 bucks. Now I still love my cd peppermint fot creme but burtbees is on point too. Burtbee's has a pomegranate shampoo and conditioner and I plan to purchase the conditioner the only thing is, its for "volumizing"..I feel I have enough volume as is so I dont know if that will be a negative or positive yet but it smells yummy!
Today I washed my hair and I also used nexxus emergencee treatment. I must say that my hair felt amazing after the treatment. Its been a while and I enjoyed every second of feeling each strand coil up with the water fall from the shower head. Then I added giovanni direct leave in (my favorite, officially a holy grail!) and I used Blended Beauty Curl style creme, it was very moisturizing and I got it from my homie RM. It reminded me of how much I miss Blended Beauty products the prices are just a grip sometimes tho...:/ and after that I sealed it with castor oil and I loved the results! Tonight I am twisting up my hair to have a cute twist out tomorrow :D good times good times...

Friday, March 13, 2009

First week

Okay, so even thought I have not really gone in the field, I feel overly tired.
The hours are a big difference from what I am used to but I just have to play it by the ear.. I feel my day is mostly spent downtown and now I really understand when people say " you see your co-workers more than your own family". I accepted the fact that thursdays will be my long days because of two late family visits in the office.

I have met kool peeps at work. and one of my good friends works there as well but in a different unit. Thank God its friday and we have monday off soo 3 day weekend, Holla!. Now I can catch up on sleep because 6 am is nooooo joke!

**side note**
Alot of the women in the office have natural hair or cute short hair styles. One thing I do appreciate about the BK or an urban atmosphere is the fact that everyone has their own style or uniqueness. Of course no matter where you got there will always be a so called " standard beauty" but I hold my own standards...HA take that glamour mag *wink*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My first week


Friday, March 6, 2009

Got Sleep?

Ever since I have been exercising, I realize that no matter what time I go to sleep I wake up feeling refreshed! Waking up feeling refreshed is making me happier in the morning and looking forward to the next...I can understand how they say say sleep affects everything.....I can get used to this

also...Lovely weather today..yay!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So this is where my journey to success starts...Downtown Brooklyn. I finally finished all my run arounds for my new career. As I am walking around I just noticed how everything this is a fast pace. I am a slow walker and natural a suburban girl at heart. Now dont get me wrong,the grass is not always green where there are plenty of trees..L.I. definitely has hood areas lol..

Anyway, I definitely think I will grow a relationship with some of NYC's boroughs after time of knowing where the heck I'm going.
I was already welcomed today with a car bumping into the back of my car :/ no damage or anything just a "welcome" tap lol.

I will keep ya updated, Monday is the big day :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

Smile for the camera now...flick flick!!

So today was orientation at my new job!!! I'm still amazed by God's grace... Just amazed.

I took my finger prints and my photo for my i.d. card. Even with the commute to downtown BK, it still has not sunk in that I have a new job. I'm so excited..

So I saw the hello kitty line at MAC today, I think its cute! I will be purchasing a lip gloss probably..they are all sheer tho, so on my lips it just looks like gloss with a lil sparkel..but it's kool I still want one anyway..I'm thinking of the Nice to be Nice its actually an orangy pearlish color..not what pictured here, but this is just the lil design on the lipglass...