Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cheers to us!

Its been a while since I have writtin in my blog but Im back :D

So september 26th was my 8th year anni with my hunny. I am so blessed yall to have a wonderful person in my life. He means so much to me and I hold him dear. We had a great weekend together despite me catching a cold (yuck!) it was all good.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Black women at the bottom?

So I have had multiple conversations about where black women stand in the dating game these days and for some reason our "Brothers" are not going for them or just giving up. Now I have no problem interacial dating because its none of my business however I do have a strong passion of disgust when I hear Men say they would never date a black woman or that they are giving up on the Sistas" Thats som ole bull ish if u ask me... ( i know ladies say that dumb ish too but I'm not talkin about the ladies right now)
It reminds of me of one of my favorite jill scott song thats one her 3rd album where she is singin about how would black men feel if we (black women) were gone? No mama, no daughter, no sisters, no grandma no one that looks like you....
Its so true these backward ass negroes prolly think that would be a good thing... mostly because they lost respect for black women.
Our society is sooo brainwashed it's BEYOND SAD..... its like blacks dont like blacks anymore.... wtf? I cant take it. I mean I love being black and I love my black people the good and the bad. But I cant stand the self hatred we are having towards one another. its like "if its black its wack" ? Thats bull shit and negroes need to wake up!