Thursday, July 31, 2008

lucky 23 events

Well the darlin boyfriend made me feel sooo special this lucky 23rd bday. Dinner at Cheesecakefactory, I never been there before...the food was pretty good and I had my first mojito! it was a pineapple one but it was great tho :D

That saturday we went on a boat ride and I had a blast.

and Lastly Sunday he paid for me to have a photo shoot. I was in dance school for 7 years and tooking modelling classes for 5. I enjoyed modelling however because of my heart I kinda kept it on a backburner. I always talk about being a print model so I guess he figured I can always have some photos to have just in case I want to persue modelling. I soo heart that man!

I posted some but for any of my lovely readers more of my pics are on my fotki page

Umm still no word on jobs! but I'm keeping my head up and I'm still letting God take care of it.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go shorty... ITS Ya Birthday!!

LUCKY 23, LUCKY 23 hehe thats ME!!!!

Thank the Lord I got to see another year of birth.... So Blessed So blessed~~~~~

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well life is all about lessons....

Sometimes you have to think "how will you learn your lessons?"

Will you learn from others and their advice OR will you learn lessons from LIFE???

I am choosing to learn lessons thru advice of others I hold dear to me. Time and time I find myself not listening the voices of wisdom .... but now I will. Because when you learn your lessons from life, it's more than likely not going to be pretty or easy. I dont want to suffer or struggle when I can plan to be a success like my ancestors would have wanted me to. I refuse to let myself go and become a hot ass mess just because that is what society wants me to do.... I will succeed and prosper and because of this, I will listen to the wise and guide my life accordingly.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


How can I create a list of favorite bloggers on my website???

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Its sooo hot but I love the weather. I get to wear my shorts and mini skirts so Im not complaining. When I wash my hair its ok for it to still be wet because it can cool me down in this heat! lol.
Hair talk: Well I have been using the curls line alot. when I first decided to wear my hair natural, I purchased the whipped cream and loved it. but since I found one of the best stores, Rickeys I purchased more...
hmmmm lets see whats else is going on............

I want some more pumps but we shall see.....

I like these nine west shoes alot and the deep purple is hot too $89
hmmmmmm we shall see. I need more funds first!!! :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Naturally Me

I love having natural hair..... I love being able to do my own thing and not worry about pleasing anyone else but myself. I decided that harsh chemicals are not necessary for me to have straight hair. If it were that serious then I can just flat iron or press my hair to achieve a straight look. People day by ask me how did I just give up on relaxers? well it was easy....I just let it go!

Now even coming near my two year anniversary of having natural hair. I am still trying to find my holy grail products and complete routine. By August 15th (2 years) I will have it down pact :D.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I love shoes

So I have an interview on Tuesday (pray for me!!!)

So I decided to buy some shoes ....

So I got a pair of steve madden peep toe pumps similiar to yellow pair. mine are black patten leather and on the sides near my pinky toe it's clear... Love them!!!

and I got these chinese laundry sandles these are the exact pair. I love yellow and I was excited that the store had my size