Monday, August 29, 2011

Have a baby...then get back to business

CONGRATS TO THE CARTERS!!! I didnt watch the VMA's I was too busy watching Trueblood and entourage, I know booo me LOL. however one of my besties texted me saying BEYONCE is expecting im like oh shoot! :D I dont know why but I am so happy for them. I have all the respect for Bey, who else can have movie directors pausing film so that she can have a pregnancy instead of giving up the role? :D

Look at Beyonce's glow! I hope and pray that God blesses me to experience that feeling one day. I look forward to motherhood and all that comes with it. For now, I'll just concentrate on Marriage lol :D

Be blessed beauties

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Counting blessings

I am very happy here in l.i. we didnt get the horrible damage that was expected. Many disagree with me, but I am happy the gov't did evacuate people that lived in high flooding areas.

Whats interesting to me is the amount of people disappointed that Irene didnt do more damage *confused face* you want to experience "Katrina" like circumstances? *rolls eyes* ok smh.

Regardless, I'm happy and will continue to count my blessings that I only experienced gusty winds and kept me awoke.

be blessed beauties

Sunday, August 21, 2011

When it rains....

It pours doesn't it? Hmph on days like this all I would want to do is ball up and be left alone...Did I? Nope. I went to church, was instantly encouraged. God is an On Time God and is truly amazing.

Whenever I begin to have doubt about myself or struggle with some burdens, I keep in mind "look at where I came from". I'm sure if you look back to the past 5 years, you will see how much better off you are. If you still cant see it, then watch the commercials of the starving children in distant countries, better yet look in the urban areas. You will see that you definitely have it alot easier than Most. Continue to believe and keep the faith, try not to keep your head low, try not to :( but turn that sad face around :) God bless you beauties

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Countdown begins

Hey beauties! Yes 8/9/2012 will be here before we know it. Time is really flying by however I am doing my best to keep it all together :) My fiance, parents and besties are really keeping me focused and relaxed. I really don't want to go crazy because healthwise its not good to be overly stressed and just in general it doesnt make sense to go crazy for something that is God sent and natural.
Now dont get me wrong I enjoy and I am entertained by bridezillas but the women are bonkers smh LOL. I am fully aware that there will be stressful times, and shortcomings but the beat must go on!

I will update on the wedding on or about the 9th of every month all the way up until the Big day is here :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week N

Have a great weekend beauties

Going with the FI to see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" I'm thinking it will be good. What are your plans?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I click my heels three times...

Ever wonder about that feeling Dorothy had in the Wizard of Oz? Like just with clicking your heels 3 times you were able to return home, to what was normal. Sometimes, with my condition, I think about clicking my heels 3 times to go back to life before the diagnosis.

Life doesn't work that way, however I know with prayer and trusting in God, all things are possible. The body can heal and restore. Despite it all, my spirit has not changed. If anything, I have become a stronger Woman. Alot of things that I used to dwell on or worry about, really doesn't matter like they use to.

Since I can't click my heels 3 times, I will just take everyday one and a time and enjoy life with my loved ones..OH Yeah and continue Wedding Planning!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Had to snatch this steal

Michael Kors was having a shoe sale and I had to get these babies..They had nude however it was not in my size, darn! but I'm still happy. I'd like another pair but we shall see lolz.. Grabbing deals make me happy more and more :)