Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey beauties

People say this word toooo often. Alot of times when people use the word love, it is for their own personal gain or selfish advances. When real Men and Women Love, we love hard. The type of love I aim to have is Love like Jesus had for us...Agape love. It is not easy to possess that type love or even follow it. However I know Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr possessed it. No he wasn't perfect but he understood that no one is perfect and deserves forgiveness...what do u think? is it possible for your generation to practice agape love? love that is unconditional regard?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Go Shorty It's ya Bday

hey beauties!

On 7/23/1985 around 3 pm yours truly was born! I am 25 years young and I'm truly overwhelmed by it all. This year alot has been going on and I feel happy to know that I have a wonderful support system. My coworkers gave me a surprise bday luncheon and my boyfriend took me out to dinner and we danced later.I received many gifts from family and friends :D Its so funny because on tuesday I was just saying how I wasn't looking forward to my bday I felt like it was any other day I think it was just me thinking where I "should" be by 25 and realizing that my journey of Life on Earth has giving me many curve balls. But to God be the Glory, I know I will be fine. I'm very happy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Please becareful!

Hey beauties,

U ever realize in the summer you hear about the most accidents? or many of our young people dying? To me I think when the weather changes to high temperatures people do NOT know how to act. Everyone parades around half naked, people have horrible attititudes because of the heat and people just overall act a hot mess. I pray that people get it together.

Yesterday there was a bad single car accident here in long island. 5 were in the car in total, the driver and passenger survived the accident.the 3 passengers in the back were killed. one boy who was 19 and the brother of the driver, and the two others were sisters 19, and 22. The 22 year old just got a job as a teacher...Could you imagaine this? how sad is that! There was no alcohol involved, but the police are still doing an investigation.

Please people Buckle Up! and take it easy.

be blessed

Sunday, July 11, 2010

weekend stats

hey beauties!!

I hope all is well. Is it me or is this summer going by super fast!!!! sheesh I'm looking at the calendar and I'm saying to myself," Nik, your 25th is a few weeks away". This birthday is going to be something else, like so much has changed, but hey change is good in some way or another :D.

yesterday I received training for Avonex. It went really well, My loved ones and I loved the nurse, she was beyond helpful. I talk more about it on my other blog if you are interested to read, nikkischoiceforhappiness.blogspot.com

Hmmmm nothing much is going on, while getting training my Goddaughter was there and we took some pics on my phone, one is this silly pic below hehe shes too much, loves her a bunch. Ok peeps enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I love the way I look

hey beauties,

Time and time again many sistas run into conversation about appearance. I know that within every race and culture women are always judged based on their skin complexion, hair or body shape.

I know some say they get tired of hearing black women making themselves out to be the victim but honestly, it is not our fault. Actually society doesn't accept us for who we really are or what we Really look like. It's even sad to know that because of society "Rules" our brothas are treating us like crap because we may not meet the standards.

If we lived in a better world, I believe women especially sistas would see the real royalty in them. Like we were made in the Image of God. If God intended on us to wear weaves and chemical processes our parents would have received it along with our birth certificates.

During college I discovered myself and whom I really am. I know I am nothing without God. I know God made me without ANY MISTAKES no matter what People or Society says. My skin tone is beautiful, my KINKY hair is gorgeous...Many may not agree however at the end of the day I'm ME and I love it, soooo......GET OVER IT!

People we really need to get it together. We are much more than the clothes we wear, the color of our skin or the way Our Hair looks. We are a people that is blessed and highly favored. Think about it....

Be Blessed Beauties ♥ ♥

Friday, July 2, 2010

the link for my other blog

Hey beauties

Here is the link for my MS blog. Not too much going on yet but I hope to keep it running. If u know any other sites I can reach out to by all means let me know :D take care beauties