Saturday, September 26, 2009


So thankful God has allowed me and my honey to see another year of love, growth and friendship :D. We went to a local club in L.I. which we dont usually but we had great time. It was "hip hop" night and it was a mixed crowd and ladies were free b4 11:30 and he was only 10..thats great prices because the city is at least $20! and the drinks were open bar for ladies until 12 and only 7 bucks. and I'm extra excited because it they were not watered down. I definitely was feeling it after two drinks which I know I am a light weight because I do not drink often lol. Honey had to work today so we didnt stay long. Today we are going to a scholarship fundraiser for our friend Tyrene who passed away 2 years ago. and then after words we are going to times.

later beauties

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Love

Anyone who knows me that I am all about love. I love to love and to receive it...

Do you remember when you met your first love? how old were you and how did you know it was love?

Honey is not my first boyfriend however he is my FIRST love and I want him to be One and Only and Last..yes its that deep! lol I met him in high school (high school sweethearts) I knew I loved him when I was able to see both sides of the spectrum with him meaning his good and flaws which makes him perfect in my eyes even though he is not. I was able to open up the Real Me to him and he has a major impact in my life and definitely holds a place in my heart right underneath God and next to my family and diamonds (best friends).

Now that our anniversary is approaching tomorrow I just had to reminisce....sign *cheese*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come on Ladies

I have noticed that the older I get women will do ANYTHING to keep a man. Even if its making a complete fool of themselves...they do not care. Ladies we have to have much much more respect for ourselves and we must love ourselves as well.

here are some examples of recent foolish situations that I have heard this week:

1st scenario-Some women are really ok with settling..or they are ok with a man being disrespectful to them however if they come over, show them a little affection they are good to go? Ladies it is NOT ok, I cant stress this enough so I will just repeat it again, IT IS NOT OK to come second to another woman in Your "Alleged" boy toy life.If you are second/sidechick/piece of lay and u are ok with and wear that life style with confidence kool but DO NOT be upset when dude treat u for what and how he placed you in his life. Sorry to be harsh but grow up and develop a relationship with yourself first. Find your true happiness before u even think of offering yourself to a man. thanks

2nd Scenario-This girl that attended Hofstra University, here in Hempstead,NY (long island) claimed that she had been raped gang bang style by these four guys that attend the school. So sad right???....however she LIED!!! Turns out she lied to her boyfriend so that he would not think she was loose, a smut etc... UM what the hell? This four men were about to face 25 years in jail just because she didn't have respect for herself and wanted to keep a man? Now don't get me wrong the dudes were off the wall with running a train on her however because SHE allowed it and they are horny guys it is what it is. She didn't want to be known as the tramp at hofstra, shes a freshman many peeps think that freshman girls go crazy their first year any way so ur not that damn special ma. This is soooo sad on tooo many levels.

Bottom line Ladies please stop playing yourself. Respect yourself, you are beautiful and have alot going for yourself besides your body. Remember your body is your temple, be careful what you do to it. Ladies please lets get it together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Gun

So I finally went to target and purchased Top Gun! I am so late to seeing this movie and only viewed it twice. However this is offically one of my favorite movies. Take my breath away....Loves that song!
Its how I feel when I'm with my loved one, Its like I can't explain. He has that effect on me that makes me want to float...*sigh*

R.I.P Patrick Swazy :( He battled pancreatic cancer for 20 months

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Southern Bells are on point...I dont give a *bleep* I'm a New Yorker

LOL ok so apparently people have alot of thoughts of New Yorkers especially women from New York. New York women are thought to have major attitudes, think they are better than anyone else etc...

I am not like this at all. I can get along with mostly anybody, I don't have an attitude problem, and I do NOT walk around with a I'm from NY so I'm better than you stance either. However, I have met some women from NY who are beyond snobbish and down plays anything about a different state.

Possibly because my parents are not from NY so our family doesn't have to NY is the best motto..I live in Long Island so that could be the winner too, well actually not because they say Long Islanders are the worst too lol..
Well maybe because my mother and her sisters are southern bells :D

I want to know if there are any southern bells out there? what distinguishes a real southern bell from all other women? because I have heard many of the fellas say they want a southern bell or a woman from down south..any takes on this?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Feeling so drained!
today seemed like the longest day ever...

I'm so over some people's emotions. Its like I have alot of shit going on and I'm done with it all. But for the most part I'm great *cheese smile*.

I have no plans this weekend but I want to get into something!

whats every one's plans this weekend?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


hey babes!

I have been doing alot of thinking and I am considering to start waxing places other than my eyebrows. I want to try underarm and bikini....I do not think I am bold enough for a Brazilian(yikes!!). I have been blessed to have a few strands of hair on my legs and I refuse to shave/wax them because after I do it, I'm going to have to shave/wax there after....

So any input? Does anyone wax on a regular? if so where and whats the preparation for it?

Trying to be like the Jefferson's MOVING ON UP!



Let the good times roll

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend


This weekend has been very relaxed.. on Friday I went with honey to get a MAC book and he is so in love with it.. I want one now..haha hes says he's never going to be a pc guy again...

Saturday I took my honey's younger sisters "back to school" shopping :D which was a lot of fun! Later we had dinner together and then honey and I went to a bbq that his friend from Temple U was having. Very fun and funny. I had a lil sippy sip...I needed it new thing for me~ gummy life savers shots *smiles*

Sunday I went to church and enjoyed service as usual..then I spent some qt with one of my diamonds who is expected this December. I took her and her bf to baby's r us to finish their gift excited for them :D.
Later saw honey bun and watched this ridiculous show "tool academy" lol it was actually entertaining..but sad.

and today Labor day I was slugging it around the house. Me and mom dukes just took a stroll to a show store and clothing spot..*smile* moms hooked me up with a few things. A new pair of black dollhouse booties, and some fall sweaters..shes great!

Now I'm sitting here wondering what to do now? lol later beauties

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Housewives of Atlanta

So I didn't watch the first season of Housewives and I am tuned in now...I must say I love this show! lol So crazy and fabulous at the same time :D
So far I think all the ladies bring something good to the table. They all have pros and cons nonetheless very entertaining. Is anyone else watching the show?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gotta stop wearing my heart on my sleeve

No one cares about how much you care. no one gives a shit if you are nice and give before you give yourself. Its a dog eat dog world out there and some times its closer to home than you think.
The ones you hold dear can make you feel so uplifted one day and low as the bottom the next.....some how u make a way to rise up. some how you pull yourself out of the rut u were placed in. Gotta stop wearing my heart on my sleve and give my heart to the Lord. Only God I can rely on Only God can hear my concerns and only God can truly see my pain.