Saturday, August 14, 2010

trader joes sunflower seed butter

Have any of you tried it? I love it!!! so tasty as a sunflowerseend butter and jelly sandwich or with crackers :D ummmm ummm good ;)

hey hey

Hey beauties!
I hope all is well :D

I'm not sure how anyone else feels about the weather but I am loving it! the cool wind instead of brutal hotness! ;D I am looking forward to the fall, the accessories and such :D

Nothing much new here tho just taking it one day at a time and keeping a smile on my face through it all.

I am really diggin LaRoux I remember seeing her on GMA and her song bulletproof is my ish right now haha :D

later beauties

Friday, August 6, 2010

How could you

Another song from PGreasy! Money Making Music.

Wifey Application

Ladies this is for you, off PGreasy's 2008 mix tape

Pgrease blow the whistle freestyle

Check out my babe freestyling to Blow the Whistle

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

updates updates

Hey beauties!

Woop woop summer summer summer time! It is blaaaaaaaaaaazin! but I still manage to crack a smile through out the day. I posted an update on my health in my other blog check it when u can :D

Anything new? well lets see one of my besties is getting married in september, so excited :D. We had her bachelorette night this past friday and had a blast in NYC. I'm looking forward to her wedding the only thing that bothers me is my financial situation. It hasnt beeen easy after undergrad between the economy and my health I'm not exactly where I would want to be at the moment. but I am still applying and keeping my faith in God that it will turn around for the better hopefully sooner than later. Here is a pic from us being out. Its me, the bride to be and our close friend :D

Check you later beauties!