Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Remaining Humble

Hey beauties!

I had a pretty great weekend! Me and the honey celebrated our 10 year anniversary :D
Its great to know when you have someone who loves and respects you. For this being one of the many reasosn I remain humble.

I feel sometimes in life when we are at a "high peak" we tend to lose focus of what is important. Like whenever something good is happening in life how often do we really speak to God? I mean we are so quick to call on God when things are rough expecting for Him to get us through the storm. We have to remain humble in all circumstances in life.

The unconditional love God has for us amazes me. Its like we are naturally bad/sinners however God spared His only begotten son Jesus to die for us! So how dare we to act Mighty High and forget what truly important? Just some thoughts..

Be blessed beauties

Saturday, September 18, 2010

playing beautician

I find it fun to style my mother's hair..Now I am far from a professional however Ma trust me enough to wash,deep condition, blow dry and flat iron her hair from time to time.

Today, I did something a little different to the usual regiment for styling. I adding extra virgin coconut oil to the avocado deep conditioner. I also used Jilbere Vented Straightening/Cutting Comb! Her hair results were amazing and like satin!!!

I saw on NIKSTARWASHERE.COM the straightening comb and I said oh wow I need to invest in this!!! Thanks NIK for the vid and suggestion :D!!!

Here are some pics of the results and the straigtening comb.

Later beauties ♥

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some times I want to scream

hey beauties,

Ever feel like this? I feel like screaming alot these days mainly because of crazy obstacles that life offers. You have to wonder at times, when will this be over? or when can the sunshine come out?

I read on facebook at status that said "don't wait until the storm is over, learn how to dance in the rain" this is very true. We constantly sit and wait for better days, for all we know better is there right in our face but we refuse to see it because we are caught up in our selfish ways.

Lets remember, God is able and a deliver. So when you want to scream, trust and believe He knows your pain, he knows your struggle. Even when we may steer away from God, He has not turned his back on us. God Bless beauties

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always Remembered

Hey beauties! On this day in 2001, our country will always remember those who lost their lives and how many of our lives changed after the attack.

What disturbs me is how much HATE we have. When I say we I mean Race..The HUMAN RACE. its like people of ALL religions can be quick to say I do this hate crime for my God. Oh really? I'm christian and I have friends from different religious beliefs and no where in our religious literary does it say " KILL for ME" or involve in "hate crimes". No that is people who do that. We are all sinners, yes yes Its true the difference is that we should try to do better so that one day God can have mercy on our souls.

I'm just tired of all this hatred and anger going on from "religion" to "politics" Everyone is so quick to say "united we stand" no the heck we don't...many of us say it because it sounds good or we may follow it for a week or so but at the end of day people turn their sadness into anger and hostility. I hope and pray that one day freedom will ring.
Please wake up people!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall come on!!!

I know I must be hype to say that but I am so over the summer its not even funny. Despite the illness, I'm ready for sweaters and I'm uber excited to wear boots and booties :D!!!!

I'm also excited because me and the honey will be celebrating 10 years woohoo! Man o Man time really flew :D

I realize that I am a horrible blogger. I plan to become better and document stuff more often :D I may do some video blogs too :D hehe we shall see :D

Later beauties!!!