Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday's Bestdays

I had a great experience at church today. The message was "its not over until God says so". The lesson is so true. Many times I find myself thinking that I about to hit rock bottom or that everything is closing up on me..However God seems to always pull me through and make ways out of no ways.

Just something to think about as we go thru our obstacles..God is always watching and all of our problems are already resolved.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Yep back to the basics

so I color my hair back to its natural color which is 1B natural black :D! I know this is weird but I really like it this dark again.I missed it :D in photos my hair looks dark anyway but I cant wait to see the difference now. I hope everyone stays dry or try to.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I think I'm gonna

Stay with dark hair..I'm actually going to go back to my original hair color which is natural black. My hair was never jet black it was one color underneath so its like 1B... I'm looking forward to it because its what I know and I'm on a keep it simple quest. who knows I may change my mind again lol but I'm deciding go back to black :D

why don't you worry bout you...

So when I run into someone that I haven't seen a while this is typically how the convo goes:

Us: Heyyyy how are you
Us: Good.. good
Them: so whats new with you?
Me: Finished my master's program looking a for a career :D and yourself
Them: same here trying to get by, taking care of my kid(s)
Me: oh that's whats up :D *smiles*
Them: so are u still with that light skin guy?
Me: Stephen, yes we are *cheese*
Them: Damn its been like 10 years right??
Me: it will be 9 in September :D
Them: Damn that's a long ass time, yall ain't married yet? no kids?? girl I don't know how u do it
Me: *frowns/pissed* (later it turns into a smile) No not yet. We know what we want and when God says the time is right that's when it will be right. :D
them: o ok kool i guess. see ya around
Me: later

Wth??? I mean how on earth can u be judgemental to me and not have your ish together? females are so quick to have something to say. Meanwhile no one thinks maybe finances could be the issue. which it IS. IF we could afford to have a wedding..WE WOULD. If we could afford to live in a House..WE WOULD. If we could afford kids..WE WOULD BUT AFTER MARRIAGE. Got it?
Yes he is my high school sweetheart and I understand that its rare to see those relationships but with faith and consistency they do exist.
So for those undercover judgemental broads..why don't you worry about you???

Friday, August 21, 2009

3 years of Natural Power!! haha mi pelo :D

I was at work today and I glanced at the calendar and realized ooo shoot my 3 year of being au naturalll was the 15th...thinking back who knew? but I'm having fun and I would encourage many women to get rid of the chems and embrace ur natural beauty but its not for everyone and thats kool in the gang! ;D

I have learned that I can use some cones however my hair does like all natural/organic products.

I am slowly in rehab for product junky anonymous *cheese*

I am willing to try more hairstyles besides a bunny tail, twist out, and straight.

I actually want to color my hair a vibrant color. I have front streaks of auburn however my hair is soo dark its only seen in the light.. I'm thinking honey/brownish , RED hot or a mixture of the two so I guess that's cinnamon..any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The worst

I have come to realize that people really do not have any love or respect for themselves and they do not care about others. Its like this generation of so called "adults" and "go getters" are willing to screw anything or anybody to get to the top. Friendships and Relationships are constantly in shambles because no one wants to be considerate or treat others with respect.
I have heard too many stories today and I'm truly sad

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Care

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am product junky. However with paying back student loans and other bills. All the products just to try it is going to end, especially for my hair. I have it pretty set but we shall see.

I must admit that I am starting to explore skin care and make up. peeps has asked me what I use on my face and im like soap and water lol...I also have this aveeno cleanser and burt bee's cleansing cream. I love both! unfortunately I still feel that I neglect my skin at times. I'm 24 now and its going to change. :D woo hoo

Also, I am playing around with different colors of make up. For many years I had a color complex against myself becaust I felt I was too dark to wear certain colors but that ish is out the door. It started with clothes...I wear bright colors now and I get many compliments and I sit back and think " wth was I thinking?" ... I am very open with eye shadows and I am becoming more open with lip glosses too. fun times!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let the new "philly bird" fly..

Ok I know one of the top discussions in the news and/or in conversations is Mike Vick becoming a philadelphia eagle. Personally, I will say that dog fighting is not good and I believe he served his time for his wrong doings....however people need to really get a grip on him and his career. You have politicians stealing money and cheating constantly and some how we still find the "good" and them...why not give him another chance? Let me not forget that half the people who hate Vick so much are effin dear, bear, rabbit, bird hunters!!! Mofo's who kill animals as a hobby has the nerve to say this man doesnt deserve to play in the NFL? He's going to hell?? smh tsk tsk people..wake up! Vick did his time, now he is philly Eagle..let the bird fly.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While at the gym, honey and I went in the pool after our work out. I had alot of fun but I realized that I am extremely tired! I almost forgot how many of your muscles are working when you are swimming. I didnt have swimming goggles and my eyes are too sensitive to open while under water so I jut moved around the best that I could.

I am trying to make my body for toned. With doing this I need to lose some of my belly too lol. I mean its not crazy but if it were a lil more tone I would be happy :D.

Still planing and planing for my future goals. I am making major cutbacks. Things that I would splurge and "treat" myself to is no longer going to take place until I am in a situation to do so.

hmmm mi pelo is good.I finally have a routine that I believe I will be sticking with. :D We shall see :D (aubrey organics island naturals and honeysuckle rose co;shea moisture leave in and eco styler and seal with carols daugther tui oild)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Slugging it

This week has been a sluggish week for me. I do not like pain however..its apart of being a woman.

I really wonder how men would be if they got monthly visits from mother nature?

Just the thought of it is comical...humph that just put a smile on my face!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

O August

So August is here and I want to wish any body celebrating their bday's this month and also a special shout out to the rest of my fellow Leo's out there! lol

Today was really really hot. I the air quality was blah!!! but I'm very happy for the sunshine and warm weather.

Yes even when I think that I am being ignored or pushed off, God always reminds me that Grace and Mercy is 5 steps behind me. So happy, so blessed. smooches

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Even during the storm I smile

The title says whats exactly running thru my thoughts. We all go thru alot negative things in our life but I keep in mind that God has taken care of all of our worries. Even when it rains keep in mind that the rainbows comes out.