Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hair blues

So most of the time that I am online it because I am checking out some hair sites, I'm a natural gurl Yeah!!!

Well I had a lovely press for new years eve it was wonderful but the new chick who did my hair, put sooo much damn heat to my head, the worst! Im happy the whole head doesnt suffer from heat damage, thank God it was only a few strands but right now I am using a few products to restore my hair back to health. I am using: aveda damage remedy line and a mixture of olive oil and mizani moisture fuze. my usual stylist recommended the mizani product and I just love aveda. So we shall see what happens.


Urbancurlz said...

Your hair looks nice both ways. I dislike my straightened hair because it is so fine and limp. But I think we all go through those phases!

BTW, I am glad you started your blog. I will add you to my blogroll and check you out regularly.

svrbrownsuga said...

thanks darlin I really need to learn how to use this site a lii better lol