Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Black women at the bottom?

So I have had multiple conversations about where black women stand in the dating game these days and for some reason our "Brothers" are not going for them or just giving up. Now I have no problem interacial dating because its none of my business however I do have a strong passion of disgust when I hear Men say they would never date a black woman or that they are giving up on the Sistas" Thats som ole bull ish if u ask me... ( i know ladies say that dumb ish too but I'm not talkin about the ladies right now)
It reminds of me of one of my favorite jill scott song thats one her 3rd album where she is singin about how would black men feel if we (black women) were gone? No mama, no daughter, no sisters, no grandma no one that looks like you....
Its so true these backward ass negroes prolly think that would be a good thing... mostly because they lost respect for black women.
Our society is sooo brainwashed it's BEYOND SAD..... its like blacks dont like blacks anymore.... wtf? I cant take it. I mean I love being black and I love my black people the good and the bad. But I cant stand the self hatred we are having towards one another. its like "if its black its wack" ? Thats bull shit and negroes need to wake up!


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I love that song on Jill Scott's album. Personally, it doesn't bother me anymore when I hear Black men say that because I heard it so much in high school. I went to an all White high school, and it used to hurt me so much...especially since I liked one of the guys. Thats one of the reasons why I opened my eyes to interracial dating. Not only was I tired of Black men being intimidated by me, I was also tired of the ignorant comments, attitudes, and actions. Don't get me wrong, I still date Black men...but I also date White, Asian, and Hispanic.

Also, its sad to say that I get hit on more by men of other races than Black men, for Black men tell me I'm too educated, have high standards, etc. I think the Black men in our generation are lazy and don't want to achieve much. They would rather settle for anything...including a woman. Its no wonder so many Black women are also looking into other options besides Black men.

svrbrownsuga said...

Gurl u right about that! It just breaks my heart to realize the older and older we get, nothing has really changed :( . but do you gurl have fun with ya bad self :D ;D