Tuesday, December 2, 2008


After prayer, meditation and soul healing...I must say that I am truly happy. I have learned that I have to accept life's curve balls and obstacles. I can no longer be stuck trying to figure out the intentions of others. I mean so called friends who dont even know the meaning of a real friendship.. Selfish characters, people who smile in my face one day and the next back stabbing. I really learned to accept things for what they are and I accept people for who they are.
I know that my purpose in life is not to be perfect or to be a healer for everyone but to be a listener; someone you can speak to and not worry about me being judgemental towards your feelings or actions; a person who has courage; a person who is empathetic.
I am naturally loyal, kind, patient and sincere. For you to know me, you will love me lol but its true. If I did run into someone who didnt care for me, it was simply because they didnt know me or was envious of me. I'm just at a place right now where I am really feeling myself...shoot I'm about to have my master's degree at 23..I can tute my own horn (toot toot) lol.
Most importantly, I am so happy because God has been so good to me.. I am blessed every day at every moment..I think about where I have come from mentally and physically and all I can do is be thankful. I am also blessed to have a loving family, a wonderful boyfriend who is my bestfriend and sisters that are bestfriends. The older I get my circle becomes a little smaller I used to question why?... which I shouldnt have because God works everything out for a reason and keeps the real loved ones besides me and the devils in disguise far away. I am so thankful to just LIVE!
I am happy and I will remain faithful and true to God and to myself.
wow...this really feels good ♥

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Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

At the end of the day, all you have is your happiness, so keep it, respect it, and cherish it.