Monday, January 19, 2009

Response about Notorious (ranting) lol

So I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some of the negative ish needs to stop. I mean there are peeps saying the acting was horrible bla bla bla. First of all the only peeps u should expect their acting to be on point is angela and derek luke because they have been in a lot of movies, in which they did a damn good job. Second the rest of the cast (except the actor for lil cease) were "new actors"! I mean peeps thats not even from New York..better yet Brooklyn got a lot of ish to say about the film. I dont know it just bothered me because its the first Hip Hop Artist to actually have a bio on the big screen. I mean I'm not from BK but as a person from NY I was very impressed with the movie. I'm saying we have Ray and now we have the first hip hop artist to have a bio on the Big Screen. There are many other artist and groups who should have made it but BIG made it....

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