Thursday, November 11, 2010


hey beauties!!

Happy Veteran's day to all who has served and serves our country, we love and thank you :)

I was a lazy blogger in the past but I'm REALLY getting lazy these days lol. Well here's a recap of things

The job is going great :) I love the children. I even want to go for my teaching certification. Its like sometimes when you have a natural ability or when something seems so right, you have to run with it. I believe that it's God telling me, this is one aspect of duty He wants me to serve.

I'm making alot of strides to do better financially, so my saving is getting better these days lol :)

I miss many of my best friends a whole lot. There are so many times when I wish I could just say meet up with me at Barnes & nobles for hot cocoa but can't. Hopefully, as the years go we can link up more :).

Honey and I are good, pretty happy path. His bday is this saturday so I'm happy to celebrate it with him, even though I may be more excited than he is lol

Family is I am all smiles :)

Well, I will check you beauties out later ♥

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