Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 is fine!

Wooo Weeee 9 months to go tell me and Mr.R say "I Do" wow...where has the time gone? Well, things are coming along and we are beyond excited. I think the cutest thing is that Mr. R actually is we picked out save the dates designs together and the agreed on the photo. Which is exactly what I wanted. I'm not all about the its "all about the bride" state of mind because for 1) I can't marry myself and 2)he should voice opinions because its his wedding too :) so will keep u posted on any updates
this past friday, I straightened my hair and flipped curled it. I had trim my ends also, it was MUCH needed. I received alot of compliments on this style :) Its fun and to preserve the curls I just pin it up at night time and finger comb in the morning :) See the pics :)

Well, I will catch you beauties next time, smooches


Shanna said...

you look adorable with your hair like that!!!! <3
Wedding countdown WOOOHOOOO!

Nik of said...

Your hair looks great! 9 months--how exciting!!