Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

Hello beauties,

Today, a pal of mine shared a situation that prompted me to make a few post on Instagram and twitter.
People will smile, pat you on the back even dare to call you a "friend" yet have motives for your downfall.
If you ask me it's pretty pathetic. My friends? I pray for them and wish nothing but the best. I make it my business to be sincere when my opinion is needed. So to know that there are peeps who want to prey on someone's happiness and wish for them to fail is crazy to me. Or people who act brand new on you for NO reason at all. It's so sad.
With success this comes part of the territory and you have to continue to press forward.
I remind myself that Jesus, was lied on, lied to and mistreated so we are not exempt.
Keep your head up beauties and let The Lord fight your battles.

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