Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ummm why are peeps so negative nowadays?

So I was talking to a gurlie of mine and she spoke of how being with one person is unrealistic and UN natural. I disagree. I mean I do understand that not everyone wants to be in a committed relationship. However If you do believe that you will marry one day how is it possible to feel so strongly about this topic?

I do believe that there is NO perfect relationship however if people are happy and want to commit themselves to someone, it is possible for them to have a wonderful relationship. I do believe that alot of people make decisions based on there past relationships and even childhood but damn don't try to rain on my parade ya feel me? I am happy with my boyfriend. No everyday is not always peaches and cream but we have grown so much in the past (soon to be 8) years. I would not replace or change anything for the world.

the first question people ask about my relationship..." how does he still give you butterflies after soo many years?" Easy...God doesnt make mistakes and God is apart our relationship.


Gangstarr Girl said...

I agree. It's annoying when I hear people claiming that no one can be manogamous (sp?) especially this one man-hating friend that I have in particular. When people get too negative you gotta shut it down and cut them off. I'm in that phase right now. I caught one of my girlfriends giving me a side eye when I asked her about some pants I was trying on. And it's now a rap. Negativity only begets negativity so get rid of that energy asap!

svrbrownsuga said...

Gurl I understand what u mean! People are soo hype off themselves and so miserable. but u know the saying misery loves company but I'm not down with them ;D