Monday, June 1, 2009

wooo its been a while Junio is here

So June is here and I needed to make a post...
I hope everyone had a great memorial day and had fun on any vacations they have went on. I didnt have any vacays so I have just been coolin out...

something that plays in my head over and over is the difference between being honest with someone and being mean. Yes I understand the truth can and probably will hurt but if I dont ask for your two cents about something does it count as being mean? for example lets say..a guy ask a girl "hey does this color look good on me?" and the girl says no its not appealing..thats honesty could hurt but he asked for it.. now second scenario... girls says " you know that color does nothing for you, u dont look good in it" and the guy is like "wth???" that was honest but in my opinion mean.


one of my diamonds is moving to charleston, s.c. and I am soooo gonna miss u. I been holding back tears for when I'm by myself to be strong for her. Its like I met her in 5th grad and became friends in we are talkin about 11-12 years of sisterhood.
NY is getting too expensive..yes there is no place like NY but u know what I'm sure others places will make me if not as happy probably even more happier. I dont know but She is in my prayers..

Time flies...june is here!

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