Sunday, July 5, 2009

People who do not realize they have something good

It puzzles me sometimes when I hear women (particularly) sound like a broken record in regards to finding a "good" man.

I mean I know a situation where a young lady and her children are being taken care of by her husband who is the father of the children. I dont know about anyone else but this is becoming rare in our generation.

I do not believe that a man who takes responsibility for his wife and kids should get pat on the back because in my opinion its a given. However, the wife and children need to appreciate daddy for taking care of home!

Some people do not realize how good they have it until one day it is truly gone. I'm happy and my honey bun knows he is appreciated and down the road when we do get married w/ kids daddy wont only get the "big piece of chicken" but he will know that he is loved and wanted.


LoveMeMore said...

I agree, altho my honey told me a few months back he didn't feel appreciated, I con'a understand why he doesn't but how can make him feel more appreciated?

svrbrownsuga said...

Good question..its funny because for most women its the little things that counts..however with Men the big things are important. For example men do like u boost their ego's, laugh at their lil jokes and just overall make them feel like a man. Like if we are too bossy or dont always take the time out to say we are proud of them for who they are, they dont feel appreciated.
I say smile, let them enjoy time with their buddies, always make sure private areas are being taken care of and he should be fine. oh yeah dont forget to boost the ego here and there lol sometimes it can be silly but it always does the trick :D
Thanks for ur post :D

Eb the Celeb said...

Its definitely hard to appreciate things that you feel will always be there... sometimes it takes losing to cherish it and yes that's sad.

svrbrownsuga said...

Yes you dont know what you have until its gone...