Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey Hey

Hey beauties!

I hope all is well.... I hope all the mother's had a wonderful mother's day weekend. I am doing ok. This past week has been pretty rough. I feel as if during hormonal changes and when the weather is really hot the symptoms get worst. So I decided to track everything in a small calendar. so after I get the spinal tap done (June) I can explain reveal everything that has been taking place in the last 2 months.
For some having MS is a big secret and a sense of shame, for me it's not. NO I do not walk around with a sign that says "I have MS" or ask for pity I just feel that being the type of person I am who is bubbly and happy go lucky, there is no way that on my worst days I can hide it. I plan to document any changes or important findings on my blog as well so if there is anyone else out there who is newly diagnosed or veterans we can be more of support together :D..Take care beauties!


嘉雯嘉雯 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical..............................................

svrbrownsuga said...

Thanks very much I appreciate it :D