Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you a saver or spender?

Hey beauties!

Many of us had New Year's Resolutions to save money or be smart with our spending however a lot of us continue to purchase valuables or things we believe are of high value. No, it is not easy to save every dollar that should be in our savings but as we get older more responsibilities arise.

I will say, something that irks me is when I hear peeps say "Oh I'm Broke, I can't pay my bills or I need an advance in pay" but they planned a trip to the Bahamas knowing damn well they don't have money in savings *SMH*. I always say if you knew better you would do better. However,I've come to understand that for many there is an exception to the last phrase because many were never taught by their parents the importance in saving. If your parents didn't value the importance of having good credit or saving, what would force the child to make good financial decisions? Lets remember beauties that it doesn't have to be this way, you CAN get your finances together, START TODAY!!!

SAVERS work hard and play later..
Many people who save will have advantages. People who are savers may purchase the Home or Car that they want not what they had to settle for. Savers have the choice to have a college account for their children or investments. Savers can travel all around the world as they please...Basically, Savers for the most part live Life comfortably and always have a stash for a rainy day.

Spenders believe they need to have everything they want when they want and not think twice of the alternative outcomes.Spenders have to settle on whatever living conditions they can get because they choose to spend their money on stuff they think are more important at the time. Spenders would save up a lot of money to purchase the latest name brand clothing,jewelery and/or accessories instead of putting it in their bank accounts. Spenders also will spend all their money to go on beautiful vacation but return home with a phone cut off and lights out!

Nothing is wrong with wanting to look nice or spending top $$$ for your stuff because all in all it is Your Life, just make sure that you take care of HOME first! So here is the question beauties: ARE YOU A SAVER OR SPENDER? and if you are in between how are you handling the situation?

Be blessed beauties ♥