Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's getting hot in here

hey beauties!!

I hope all is well. It is blazing outside these days..I'm summer is coming with vengeance lol. I love the sunshine I like the change from cold However the hot weather makes my symptoms even worst. so I just take it easy and I am learning to cope with it all :D so I have to whip out the aleeve and water fans to keep my body cool so be it!

beauty stuff

I have been soooo lazy with my hair these days. I am still deep conditioning all that jazz but as far as doing specific hairstyles or being creative? ummmm not really. but I will jump back in the grove of things soon I promise.

This month already is going to be busy. I have summer jam on sunday, I'm getting a spinal tap done, graduation parties, maxwell and erykah badu concert with the honey and more..I'm just taking my time with everything because I refuse to go Nuts!!! lol

Next month I will be 25 can't believe it, I'm kinda whatevs about it but we shall see how things turn around when July comes lol.

be blessed beauties ♥


Olivia said...

Yup the weather is getting too hot. Here in Jersey its like you experience all 4 seasons in one week lol. Being busy can be a drag at times but when you are spending time with the fam & loved ones its all good. Just hang in there & continue to have a good time no matter how busy you get. God is looking at you & will bless you. God is good & you know it :-) Your birthday will be fine (I turned 25 in May), have a good time, always be thankful for the many blessings & blessings to come! Hope your weekend is going sweet too.


svrbrownsuga said...

Awww thanks so much Olivia I appreciate that, you do the same. I just got back from seeing the Maxwell and Erykah Badu concert...AMAZING. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :D