Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yes another opinion is always good

hey beauties,

I hope all is well. Things are good this way. I received another opinion about my diagnosis.The new doctor as well says its MS. Today I went for another MRI but this time with the contrast dye. This MRI went a lot smoother since I guess we were only look at the head-brain and spine-cervical oppose to the other 4 I took in March.

I feel ok, besides the constant burning in my hands/fingers and legs. Today is so hot and normally days like this I just want to get up and go however now its just not that simple. However I plan to start taking Avonex so hopefully the flare ups will calm down, I pray that God sees that to be.

I'm planning to start a separate blog that is going to be primarily for MS talk :D so I wont bore you beautiful ones with my neuro stuff. however I will here and there post an update and so forth.

Well beauties be good and stay cool. I'm going to do my best to stay cool as well.


Olivia said...

I agree another opinion is good. Best believe, all will be well, just continue to pray & I will pray as well. Its a great idea that you are planning to maintain a separate blog about MS, it will keep you in the know, as well as reinforce some of the information you already know & its always great to learn something new. Honestly this weather, I don't even know where to start. I was born in Jamaica & I don't even like the heat lol. God created the four seasons, I am thankful for each & will try my best to keep cool as well. I will tell you this though, everyday I wake up & am thankful to be natural because the summertime is such a great time to rock natural hair. Its wonderful. Have a good night & continue to have a great week :-)

svrbrownsuga said...

Awww Olivia you are such a charm :D thanks for the encouraging words :D. I hope u have a wonderful week as well. and yes hun right now my hair is braided but the summer is the best for natural hair. wash n go's are a natural girl's best friend :D