Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I click my heels three times...

Ever wonder about that feeling Dorothy had in the Wizard of Oz? Like just with clicking your heels 3 times you were able to return home, to what was normal. Sometimes, with my condition, I think about clicking my heels 3 times to go back to life before the diagnosis.

Life doesn't work that way, however I know with prayer and trusting in God, all things are possible. The body can heal and restore. Despite it all, my spirit has not changed. If anything, I have become a stronger Woman. Alot of things that I used to dwell on or worry about, really doesn't matter like they use to.

Since I can't click my heels 3 times, I will just take everyday one and a time and enjoy life with my loved ones..OH Yeah and continue Wedding Planning!!!

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