Friday, December 16, 2011

Rough Week but the Sun is still Shining

This week (starting from saturday) hands down was one of the worst I have experienced in a while yet I still smile I had a bad flare up with the illness. It got to the point where I could not walk well without assistance and my left side of my body was completely weak and numb. Despite this, I know I still have it alot better than many. As I sat in my Neurologist office waiting to be called on I saw many with neurological disorders whom were in wheel chairs and all I could do is say Lord have Mercy and Thank you.

So to help with the flare up I had to take 3 doses of steroids YIKES!!!!!! today meaning 12/16 will be my third day of treatment and I feel a difference already. I am still walking a little slow however I can do it on my own . the burning in my arms and legs has stopped, and I have gain strength in my left side so I’m good. The steroids are given through an IV fusion and it takes about an hour. Thank goodness my mother (who is retired) was there with me so I didn’t go through this alone. Stevey was at work so its great to have had the next closest person to me there. My blood is getting tested as well, and alot of test are being done as we speak to see if the antibodies in my system is really taking in the disease modifying drug (Avonex) that I have been on for over a year. If it comes back that it’s not receiving well then that’s like saying that I’m not taking any therapy for it at all good news is that there are other alternatives so we shall see!

I also signed up to participate in a study in New York that is geared towards African-Americans with MS. See in the past Multiple Sclerosis was mostly common in Caucasian females but now it has expanded to Men and other races. Scientists believe that the cognitions and progression of the disease may be worst in African-Americans so with that said I am all for learning and participating.

Which is leading me to the next step. I decided that I want to get more active in the research/giving back/ advocacy in the MS movement. I had a blog which I created when I first was diagnosed but I barely blog there I don’t know why I havent but I plan to change that. I think I may delete and start from scratch. I just feel that with positivity, psychology background, wanting to spread awareness will really be fulfilling Pray for me yall! lol

Later beauties

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