Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ladies listen up!

Time and time I tune to the situations and struggles that our sisters are going thru and I feel the need to write a blog about it. One of the major struggles that we have involve men.

Ladies we need to remember to love ourselves first. When we love ourselves we dont have to cater to the nonsense of theses grown ass boys. When you love yourself, you will know that you dont have to use sex to get you love. Ladies if a Real Man loves you, he will not pressure you to having sex or include you in unneccessary drama. Ladies you gotta love ya self so that we can stop this cycle. And also ladies you do not have to dress scandelous or act promiscous so that you can chase after a man, trust me a real worth you while will be sent to you from a higher being. Now its up to you to take the blessing that comes your way or to just let another good guy pass you by because you rather deal with a man that forever makes you cry. Your choice.

Ladies we cannot settle. If you are not happy then do something about it. Maybe its time for us sisters, to look beyond our past and others to blame for our hardships in the present. For example, some women grew up without a father figure in their life, as an inspiring psychologist I know its hard to just let go however you have to forgive them. and when you forgive its not for them its for you. I mean there are soo many women that refuse to have strong relationships because of their relationship with their dad, there are women who are promiscous to get the affection of a man.....It does sadden me to know these factors that make alot of sisters the way they are today, but ladies let it go. Dont go on with ur life feeled with drama that deals with tired ass boys... or dont belittle yourself to a be a thrill for a dude u barely know because thats all you know to do. Love ya self Ma, Seriously!

Lastly my sisters, please conduct yourself as a Woman at all times. The society look at women as sex object and beauty trophies. We are more than that, we are stronger mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers, caregivers, educators and so on.....

If when reading this blog touches a nerve for you, dont look at it as a disrespect or "calling you out" listen closely to what I'm saying. You are more and bigger than what society says. And prove them wrong by loving the higher being and yourself first. I promise you ladies there is a man out there for you, who will appreciate you everyday and treat you like the queen that you are if you let him... but you don't have to change your moral feelings to chance after him...be patient.... he will find you.
One Love

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