Saturday, May 10, 2008

school is almost over

Thank God!!! I am sooooo tired of school right now. I must say this was my toughest sem of my whole college career lol but I am thankful it is done. so next thing on the list is to find a new job and make some more money, keep me in ur prayers. Since I will be done with school I decided that I will be joining a gym. Either Xsport or LA fitness. The S.O. gets a discount at la fitness with his job sooo we shall see.

My hair is getting healthier. I still see some straight pieces but my next trim should really eliminate those :D..... thats it for now but I promise to those who do take the time out to visit my blog spot I will update more frequently in a couple of weeks

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Special K said...

Hello Nikki, welcome to the wonderful world of blog'n. I just kinda clicked and came across ur blog!!! School is actually getting on my nerves as well but I'm sure it'll get better/easier... I hope/pray. Take Care and check me out sometime