Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you take Responsibility?

Something that people need to practice is taking their own responsibility...we tend to look to others to solve our problems or we blame others for our actions when in reality, we need to fix ourselves before fixing anything else.

I mean nothing is wrong with seeking support from family, friends, lovers etc...however they can only hold your hand but so much, you have to rise up to your own challenges and learn to accept and deal with them. Any issues or problems that we have, we have to be first to say I want to change or I don't want to live this way any more first before telling someone to help us.
Life is about having experiences not regrets, we have to learn from them and evaluate how our life is going to be different because of the experience and continue to live. You only have one life and we should want to make the best of it. Life is entirely too short to walk around with anger in your you really want to die mad? or have the ones that love you remember you as being depressed or angry? I hope the answer is no.

so why not today make change in ur life...Do something positive or make posititve actions..and in the near future look at yourself first before putting blame on anything or anyone else for your dilemas...
one love

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