Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The denman loves me, the denman loves me not

So today I washed my hair with Aubrey Organics Island Naturals conditioner and Devacurl One conditioner...I love the combo. After that I added Lustrasilk Shea butter conditioner which I used as a leave in. Then I applied Castor Oil and Curly Pudding. My hair velt very moisturized all day. I loved the results!!! I do plan to try henna soon...we shall see.

Even with great results, I'm not sure if I love using a denman to shingle...Because my hair is tightly curled/coiled the denman gives way to much shrinkage..I dont know we shall see. but for now I'm not sure if the denman loves, or loves me not ;D


AGrlCanMAC said...

Oooo look at that pretty hurr!

LOL. I have tightly curly hair too and I had to put the Denman down. I may revisit it at a later date but for now I have left it alone.

It seemed like it loved me most when I was transitioning and would detangle in the shower. Then me n the Denman were ace boon coons!

svrbrownsuga said...

LOL @ace boon coons lol lol I feel u on that tho ;D

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I don't know if I could use the Denman. My hair is multi textured, and I don't know if the 4b/c/d/..... part would take it. It might laugh at it and say, "b*tch please."

svrbrownsuga said...

LMBO!!!!! BCU I know what u mean gurl, I know what u mean...I mean the denman is kool but I dont know if I could use it to shingle all the time, maybe a fine comb but not to fine, I dont want my hair rippin out ;D