Thursday, April 16, 2009

Giving Back

Hey beautiful peeps!

I still consider myself to be a new/slow/not being a wizard in the cyber world blogger :D and I'm slowly trying to pick up the pace.

I do receive visits from great people and I am truly thankful for those who stop by to show some svrbrownsuga love :D. Therefore I decided to finally pick 5 blogs that are great and I have give them an award ♥

1. BCU Her Blogs are on Point! She is very unique, smart, goal oriented and a fellow Natural Sista! ;D

2. RM not only is she a friend but shes an artist :D

3. AL Bangin Blog and shes my pal from Fotki :D..Al is great

4. UC was one of the first blogs that I ever visited. I love her beauty blog with fashion sense :)

5. MinaScope Minas, we go way back..Always knew she would be talented and her blog Rocks!

Bonus**** AGRL I just started to visit her blog but I thinks shes too adorable and another fotki pal/natural sista!! ;D

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