Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MAYful events

ooooooooooo why so much rain?...I know its God's Will but I hope to see more sunshine soon :D.

so alot of bdays this month. I will be taking a trip to Philly for one of diamond's bday celebrations..

mother's day is right around the corner..sheesh alot is going on.

sooo heres something that happened on the train:

I was holding a heavy pocket book and heavy tote bag. and I saw a seat become available on the train so I walked over to it. and these two guys thought I was rude because there was a young girl standing up as well and I didnt bother to ask her if she wanted to sit. Apparently I'm ignorant with no home training *rolls eyes*
I felt it was very comical that they was talking all this ish when the girl saw the lady get up and did NOT sit down..not my fault.
So I continued to read my mag and I didnt stoop to their level. I guess they felt since I was right next to them and they were talk ish about me that I was gonna be ghetto and start a scene? no thats not my style and Who are you Anyway??

Bottom line is I can understand if someone were elderly, pregnant or had a small child but for the fact that I had this heavy as bag, walking around in the rain and this girl was a lot younger than me and she didnt want to sit down...MY ass was sitting down, no matter how far I had to walk to get the seat. Its like Negroes try to be so conscious but still being as Ass in the end. If courtesy was such an issue, why couldnt these "brothers" tell the other men on the train to get their asses up and let us "ladies" sit down and they stand up? didnt think so..

In other news I picked up my cap and gown on monday..shoot its coming fast

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