Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because I said So!

I know I have heard that phrase growing up from my mother dearest :D...I was a well behaved child however I talked a lot and many times I was ask "why mommy? why?" and after while she would say "Because I said so". very stern at that. I knew then do not question my mother again after she said that. I remember once even asking why? or saying that's not fair and ooo child did I regret some may say whats the big deal or whats the point?

Too many kids are questioning parents, or more so an authority figure. Some adults will tell a child no and have to repeat themselves. Many children are RULING their parents..I ask the question why? Is it because parents are so occupied with their own "issues" that they give in? or do they think its cute? When I was a child I thought my mother dearest was strict and crazy LOL however she set an example for me. when I am blessed with a child I will teach them the rules of life : RESPECT GOD, YOUR PARENTS AND YOUR ELDERS.period.

The youngsters now are so caught up in being grown, and being spoiled brats and unfortunately some parents are feeding into it...Wake up Peeps..Remember "who is the parent and who is the child"


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

These kids need a damn whoopin old school style with an extension cord or something.

Milan said...

Oh I couldn't agree more! People are getting lazy is what it is. They want to do minimal work and then "don't understand" why little Johnnie is so disrespectful and ill behaved. Anything worth having in life, including well behaved and respectful children, takes WORK. There are plenty of things my parents did that I didn't like but I look back now and appreciate the fact that they were parents. Kids need their parents to be their PARENTS, not their friends. You can be friends later when you have raised little Johnnie to be a respectful and good man/adult. B/c my parents were parents, I now have wonderful friendships with them but I will ALWAYS respect them no matter what!