Wednesday, November 11, 2009

whats your take on women being "the other woman"

Ok so there are some women out there who love being second just so that they can have a piece of fine, well off man. Now alot of times these women are drop dead gorgeous and can have any man they want, yet they settle for someone else's...smh. Whats your take on this? have u ever been the other woman or know someone who has?


Milan said...

I have no remorse for the intentional other women but I do believe that you can fall into becoming the other woman. I fell into being the other woman for a short period of time in my life once but I shook myself out of it quickly and ended it. I have since moved on.

My thoughts on it are that it can happen to any woman, even the good ones, but you just have to shake yourself out of it. B/c if you continue doing it and you already know you're doing wrong, then it says a lot about how much you truly value yourself. And also what goes around comes around so don't think it won't catch up to you eventually.

Contrary to the belief, they are still good men out there. We may have to sift through more frogs but they're out there. I haven't met my special man yet but I believe he is out there and will put me first and want to be with ME and ONLY ME. Don't settle b/c you'll never truly be happy.

svrbrownsuga said...

Wonderful comment Milan! you are soo right there are great men out there. I have one and no he isnt perfect but hes great for me :D