Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parents are the first teachers

Hey Beauties!

I tend to think of things in a traditional point of view when it comes to lessons of life that people should know. One thing I believe very much is that parents are the first teachers for children. Some may disagree and believe that the government should take care of everything such as schools and other resource centers.

I mean think about it...if a 5 year old child is in class and cannot say their abc's or 123's who are you going to question the class room teacher or the parents? I say the parents because while the child learns to walk and talk I do believe abc's and 123's come into play. How dare we carry an attititude that all responsibility is on the class room teachers? Now I'm not saying that the classrooms are off the hook if a child does know basics however...EVERYONE needs to take action. Yes it does take a village, city or town to raise a child.

Parents please get it together. You cannot put the blame on class room teachers, the "system" or whatever excuse you are coming up with that can explain a child being left behind. Think about it..

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