Sunday, July 11, 2010

weekend stats

hey beauties!!

I hope all is well. Is it me or is this summer going by super fast!!!! sheesh I'm looking at the calendar and I'm saying to myself," Nik, your 25th is a few weeks away". This birthday is going to be something else, like so much has changed, but hey change is good in some way or another :D.

yesterday I received training for Avonex. It went really well, My loved ones and I loved the nurse, she was beyond helpful. I talk more about it on my other blog if you are interested to read,

Hmmmm nothing much is going on, while getting training my Goddaughter was there and we took some pics on my phone, one is this silly pic below hehe shes too much, loves her a bunch. Ok peeps enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Olivia said...

Glad to know your training went well & that you had a good weekend. I agree summer is flying, watch Thanksgiving is right around the corner lol! Yup, and your bday is coming up, loved ones will have a lil sumthin sumthin planned for you & you will have a ball!