Monday, July 5, 2010

I love the way I look

hey beauties,

Time and time again many sistas run into conversation about appearance. I know that within every race and culture women are always judged based on their skin complexion, hair or body shape.

I know some say they get tired of hearing black women making themselves out to be the victim but honestly, it is not our fault. Actually society doesn't accept us for who we really are or what we Really look like. It's even sad to know that because of society "Rules" our brothas are treating us like crap because we may not meet the standards.

If we lived in a better world, I believe women especially sistas would see the real royalty in them. Like we were made in the Image of God. If God intended on us to wear weaves and chemical processes our parents would have received it along with our birth certificates.

During college I discovered myself and whom I really am. I know I am nothing without God. I know God made me without ANY MISTAKES no matter what People or Society says. My skin tone is beautiful, my KINKY hair is gorgeous...Many may not agree however at the end of the day I'm ME and I love it, soooo......GET OVER IT!

People we really need to get it together. We are much more than the clothes we wear, the color of our skin or the way Our Hair looks. We are a people that is blessed and highly favored. Think about it....

Be Blessed Beauties ♥ ♥

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Olivia said...

That is so true. I had to sit down & talk to my mother because I was looking at myself in the mirror & said that I didn't feel beautiful today... Sometimes I wish I had long natural hair instead of my growing twa, then all these other thoughts & wishes of things that I would change about myself came to surface. I had to stop. I didn't want to allow those kind of thoughts to bring me down & feel negative. Sistas are beautiful & we need to love who we are & be appreciative of what each of us can bring to the table. I am appreciating my skin & being more thankful for the beautiful skin colors that run in the family. God is wonderful, He pulled our ancestors through so we can cherish & experience the gift of life. This is truly something to think about & be thankful for. No matter how society looks at us, we know how to be ourselves & we are learning each day to embrace our beautiful hair that was passed down to us.