Friday, July 16, 2010

Please becareful!

Hey beauties,

U ever realize in the summer you hear about the most accidents? or many of our young people dying? To me I think when the weather changes to high temperatures people do NOT know how to act. Everyone parades around half naked, people have horrible attititudes because of the heat and people just overall act a hot mess. I pray that people get it together.

Yesterday there was a bad single car accident here in long island. 5 were in the car in total, the driver and passenger survived the accident.the 3 passengers in the back were killed. one boy who was 19 and the brother of the driver, and the two others were sisters 19, and 22. The 22 year old just got a job as a teacher...Could you imagaine this? how sad is that! There was no alcohol involved, but the police are still doing an investigation.

Please people Buckle Up! and take it easy.

be blessed

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