Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always Remembered

Hey beauties! On this day in 2001, our country will always remember those who lost their lives and how many of our lives changed after the attack.

What disturbs me is how much HATE we have. When I say we I mean Race..The HUMAN RACE. its like people of ALL religions can be quick to say I do this hate crime for my God. Oh really? I'm christian and I have friends from different religious beliefs and no where in our religious literary does it say " KILL for ME" or involve in "hate crimes". No that is people who do that. We are all sinners, yes yes Its true the difference is that we should try to do better so that one day God can have mercy on our souls.

I'm just tired of all this hatred and anger going on from "religion" to "politics" Everyone is so quick to say "united we stand" no the heck we don't...many of us say it because it sounds good or we may follow it for a week or so but at the end of day people turn their sadness into anger and hostility. I hope and pray that one day freedom will ring.
Please wake up people!

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