Saturday, October 24, 2009

CoWorker said its who you know, who you blow

hey darlins!

Ok so I know the title of this post is hype however it is something that is discussed when it comes in terms of job promotions.

Ok so one of my coworkers was complaining about the treatment of another employee that is not in our department. So she goes on a rant and says just like I say "its who you know, who you blow" mind u this a 61 year old woman smh lol.

Do we really believe this? I mean I cannot lie and say that there are not people who perform sexual favors to get to the top but come on what about facts like a promotion was given because he or she deserves, based on merit, sacrifices aka a job well done? Is this truly the world we live in now? what are your thoughts?

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BeyondBeauty said...

I understand where she's coming from, because I use to work in a resturant and I wondered how this one lady kept getting promoted. But I didnt see her do anything signifficant to be promoted. Almost a year later the store resturanteur and her got hitched. Who you know, who you blow and this story quote.