Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trust..forgive and live

hey darlins,

Trust, something that is not easily given or received and if broken it takes forever to achieve. A question to ask is how long does it take the heart to heal? You have some people that have the eye for an eye attititude and some that say they can trust you but still judge you based on your mishaps. As adults we must learn to forgive and live. Yes I know this is easier said then done but think while you are busy being stressed about how someone hurt you, that someone is living their life. I say forgive and live not forgive and forget because thats mostly where peeps mess up at. its the forgetting part that is hard for people. I dont think you should forget because obviously you should not allow it to happen again. however if you forgive and live, you are accepting that someone screwed up and you are going to slowly but surely forgive and continue to live. what do you think?


Keith said...

I think that life is short and that we all ,being human have to learn to forgive each other ,just as God forgives us daily.

svrbrownsuga said...

I agree Keith! Its so true, God forgave us so what makes me any better to not forgive someone? now that doesnt mean I have to like it but I do it.

E.M.H. said...

We all have made a mistake at one point or I say forgive, find peace within, and enjoy life!!!! :-) It may take time but it's doable.