Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I heart ATL!!!!

hey beautiful peeps!!

I know I haven't post in a while and it's because I have been a way. My cousin Edgar got married and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. The wedding took place in Conyers, Georgia at a wonderful!

During my stay I was able to visit downtown Atlanta. I officially love this place. I know I was only there for a weekend but that was long enough to know when you feel like your heart belongs there.

On friday my honey and I met up with my girlie who just moved to stone mountain and her beau. We went to the velvet room and it was fun. Snoop dogg came thru, little did we know that the BET Awards were being filmed in ATL this past weekend. It was kool to see Snoop, however we were not hawking him like MANY peeps were. In NY celebs always say they are coming, if they do come its only for like 2 minutes lol.

any who the food was great! and of course I cannot forget the people and weather. As soon as I stepped into LaGuardia Airport on Monday I saw and felt the nasty ass attitudes from NY lol...The peeps in Atl are so sweet and kind. The weather was warm and comfy not gusty freezing winds like here lol lol.

And before I forget, The Aquarium was soooooo fun!!! :D

Cant wait until the next time I go....


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Glad to know you enjoyed your experience in my we say in the south, "Welcome!" said... folks live in Conyers!!! I'[m glad u enjoyed your trip!