Saturday, October 3, 2009

hey there, loves in the air and so are shoes ;D

Hey lovelies!!!

I have post in a while..however I am back :D
God is good and I am continuing to trust in HIM with my life :D

Me and honey's anni was very nice we just spent time together. There was a scholarship fundraiser in rememberance of our friend Tyrene who passed away almost two years ago in a car accident. It was a gospel concert and we had a good time... then we went to applebees and just relaxed...

I am going to Georgia for my cousin's wedding..I am so excited :D my mom, aunt, my honey and myself are going..its going to be even more fun because one of my diamonds just moved to stone mountain, ga. We will be in covington, ga however the wedding&ceremony is in conyers,ga..cant wait :D

So I was bad today..I purchased some I have alot of shoes? Yes did I need more? No but I did whip out the plastic...smh. I wanted them and there are a few more that I want but she shall see...Here they are
these look gray however they are comfy

these are gray and I loved the lace..they had black too but I have been longing for gray so I got them :D

Ok..check ya later :D

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E.M.H. said...

I like the gray shoes...I'm looking for a pair of gray shoes!!! I definitely don't need anymore shoes either but I have found a few pairs that I will be adding to the closet soon :-) My mom and friends just shake their heads at me these days when it comes to my shopping esp. for shoes LOL.......