Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Care

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am product junky. However with paying back student loans and other bills. All the products just to try it is going to end, especially for my hair. I have it pretty set but we shall see.

I must admit that I am starting to explore skin care and make up. peeps has asked me what I use on my face and im like soap and water lol...I also have this aveeno cleanser and burt bee's cleansing cream. I love both! unfortunately I still feel that I neglect my skin at times. I'm 24 now and its going to change. :D woo hoo

Also, I am playing around with different colors of make up. For many years I had a color complex against myself becaust I felt I was too dark to wear certain colors but that ish is out the door. It started with clothes...I wear bright colors now and I get many compliments and I sit back and think " wth was I thinking?" ... I am very open with eye shadows and I am becoming more open with lip glosses too. fun times!

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