Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While at the gym, honey and I went in the pool after our work out. I had alot of fun but I realized that I am extremely tired! I almost forgot how many of your muscles are working when you are swimming. I didnt have swimming goggles and my eyes are too sensitive to open while under water so I jut moved around the best that I could.

I am trying to make my body for toned. With doing this I need to lose some of my belly too lol. I mean its not crazy but if it were a lil more tone I would be happy :D.

Still planing and planing for my future goals. I am making major cutbacks. Things that I would splurge and "treat" myself to is no longer going to take place until I am in a situation to do so.

hmmm mi pelo is good.I finally have a routine that I believe I will be sticking with. :D We shall see :D (aubrey organics island naturals and honeysuckle rose co;shea moisture leave in and eco styler and seal with carols daugther tui oild)


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I think that's wonderful that you and your beau (*classy*) work out times.

It shouldn't be hard to tone up since you don't have a lot of fat on your body...stick with it, and you will be toned in no time.

The hair is looking great as usual!!

svrbrownsuga said...

Thanks bcu...yes girl Hes my partner on many levels ;D lol..

I know it wont be too crazy of a challenge its just sticking to a diet that is hard :/

and thanks for the hair compli sweetie!